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   Chapter 460 Never Let Him Go (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6719

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At the bar, the hygiene of each of the seating areas was being checked. Susan followed Jackson around as he inspected every single surface to ensure cleanliness. She recorded all the problems that Jackson found and relayed to her during their inspection.

"I want to get this over sooner. Is there any place we haven't checked?" asked Jackson.

"Only the VIP seating area is left. We have finished all these other rooms and compartments, " Susan answered diligently.

"Come on, let's go take a look, " said Jackson and he then walked straight to the VIP area. It was easily one of the best-decorated areas in the city. It was furnished with red leather and black cushions. It was also the hardest VIP area to get access to.

Susan scurried after Jackson, trying to keep up with his speed walking and long legs.

Cherry went straight to Jackson's office after she reached the bar. She opened the door but there was nobody inside. Meanwhile, she noticed that a waiter happened to walk past the door.

"Excuse me, do you know where Mr. Jackson is?" Cherry quickly inquired as she was anxious to meet Jackson at that very moment.

"Mr. Jackson was checking the hygiene of the VIP area a few minutes ago. If you go fast enough, you might catch him. I think he is still there, " replied the waiter.

Cherry said no more, and instead walked directly towards the VIP compartments. Jackson better be there, she did not have the patience to run around the whole building looking for him.

In the compartment, Jackson was carefully checking to see if there was any rubbish left in the corners.

Watching Jackson's robust figure, Susan gradually got lost in her thought. She knew that these VIP compartments would not be used during this time since guests could only come here at night. And now it was only her and Jackson in the room. It was the perfect opportunity for her to express her adoration to Jackson.

Susan slowly stepped close to Jackson and stood in front of him.

Jackson thought that Susa

no idea what to do next.

"Baby, " Jackson hurriedly walked to Cherry and tried to placate her.

But when Cherry saw Jackson getting close to her, she immediately turned around and ran away.

Realizing that Cherry was trying to escape him, Jackson quickened his pace and dashed after her.

It didn't take Jackson very long to catch up with Cherry. He then seized Cherry's arm and drew her forcibly into his arms.

"Release me! Let go!" cried Cherry excitedly, telling herself in her heart that she should not believe what she had just seen, 'It's not true! It's not!'

"Listen to me, what you saw wasn't the truth. You need to understand the context of the situation, " explained Jackson. He knew that Cherry was experiencing a wide range of emotions, anger being the strongest, but he could not let go of her. She was the one he cared most about in the world. How could he let her misunderstand his actions?

"No, no, I don't want to listen to you!" Cherry covered her ears with her hands, unwilling to listen to his explanation. At that moment when she stood in front of the man she loved most, Cherry believed that what she had seen was much more convincing than any explanation he could ever give. Though Jackson was her husband and she should trust him, she just couldn't do that as the scene kept replaying in her mind.

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