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   Chapter 459 Went To Find Him (Part Three)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5878

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"No!" Cherry stood in the doorway to block him from leaving. "You're the client I'm here to meet. I'm from the H King Group, and I need to talk to you about the business affairs. How can you leave now?"

"Mrs. Cherry, you can speak with Mr. Mond, and he will sign the contract with you, if you make the deal. It's all still valid, " the man reassured her before pushing past her to leave.

Temper flaring, she sat in the chair before her. Cherry looked at Mond angrily. "What are you doing here? "Why do you interrupt my work?"

"Would you have agreed to see me if I hadn't interrupted your work?" he asked smugly. Cherry had to admit that she wouldn't have. He had tried so many times to see her, and she refused every time. She resolved that she wouldn't keep a pleasant attitude towards him if she must meet with him.

"Why must I see you? Is there anything to say between you and me?" asked Cherry. She didn't know what Mond wanted to do. She did know that Mond always regarded her Jackson as his enemy. So why should she talk to Mond?

"Could you not speak to me with such an attitude? "Cherry, you wouldn't talk to me like that if you knew everything about Jackson!" Mond told her. He hadn't planned to tell her everything just yet. He was sure, however, that Cherry would definitely change her attitude towards him if he did.

She set her jaw firmly and took a deep breath. She decided she didn't want to waste more time than she needed to with Mond. "Mr. Mond, I don't care to know what you mean about 'everything'. I'm only here today to sign the contract. Since you are apparently my client now, please take a look at the contract. If there is no problem with the contract, you may sign."

Cherry informed him, offering him the contract.

, he turned and left.

A little after her client had left, Cherry finally looked at the contract. As he said, it was signed. She just couldn't shake Mond's words from her mind.

She felt the need to find Jackson right now and tell him what happened. She and Jackson could make preparations if Mond's threats were true.

Hurrying out of the private room with the contract, she drove to the bar trying to call Jackson.

However, none of her phone calls went through. He didn't answer. Her heart was beating faster, and her chest tightened with anxiety and worry. What could he be doing now? Why didn't he answer her calls?

She tried to convince herself that Jackson was probably just too busy with work to answer the phone, but to no avail. She felt something would happen, but she couldn't figure out what or when.

A few deep breaths later, she relaxed as much as she could in this situation. Cherry decided to try her best to focus on driving. It was useless to think and worry so much. She should drive carefully to Jackson's bar. She would find him as soon as possible, and she would finally be able to calm down once she was in her husband's warm embrace.

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