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   Chapter 458 Went To Find Him (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5767

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After a little while, Derek couldn't wait any longer. "Cherry, when will the piano lesson end?" he asked, eager to meet Amy again.

"Just wait, Derek! There's still more than an hour left in Joe's lesson, " Cherry replied impatiently. She took Jackson's arm and snuggled closer to him.

Derek's face fell. "More than an hour? Such a long time!" he whined.

Her eyes didn't even leave the TV this time she addressed Derek. "You can go now if you don't want to wait. I can just ask Bill to drive her home after class."

"No, no, I'll wait! I'll wait for her every time!" he hastily replied.

Cherry just smiled.

Derek turned to Jackson, and pleaded in a childish tone. "Jackson, you're spoiling her!"

"She is my wife. Who should I spoil if not her?" Jackson replied calmly and coldly.

That silenced Derek immediately.

An hour later, Amy had finally finished Joe's piano lesson. She was surprised to see Derek watching TV in the living room with Cherry and Jackson when she came downstairs.

"Have you finished your class?" Derek stood immediately to greet Amy.

Amy blinked. "Yes, " she said softly.

Standing as well, Cherry and Jackson greeted Amy again.

"Amy, how was the class? "Is it hard to teach Joe to play the piano?" Cherry asked with concern.

"Not at all. Joe is very smart. He easily understands whatever I teach and he does it very well, " Amy replied with admiration. "It's much easier to teach Joe, he is much better than my other students."

Smiling as a proud mother, Cherry gestured at Derek. "Amy, thank you so much. Derek just happened to be here tonight. He's offered to take you home tonight. Is that okay?"

Amy nodded gratefully at Derek. "Thank you, Mr. Derek."


ithin one week, I'll promise to marry you." She relaxed, not realising she had been tense. She couldn't believe she'd promised that. But she still firmly believed in a Mr. Right for her, the man who would break her principles, change her habits and become the exception to her. And she thought that could be Derek.

Derek replied firmly, "Okay, okay." He believed confidently that he would marry her one day.

The next day, Cherry went to meet a client to prepare and sign the contract. She paused at the door of the hotel, taking a deep breath. She was fully prepared and confident. This client was especially important for the H King Group, and she was to sign the contract with him.

She entered the hotel and quickly walked to the appointed private room. Upon entry, she was stunned to see Mond in the private room.

"Mond? Why are you here?" Cherry asked in surprise. Why was Mond here sitting next to the H King Group's client? What's going on?

Mond didn't respond to Cherry, but instead turned to the man beside him. "You can leave now."

"Y-yes, Mr. Mond. I'll leave now, " the man agreed, trembling. He left in a nervous hurry.

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