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   Chapter 457 Went To Find Him (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6314

Updated: 2019-01-02 11:43

Alone at last, Jackson and Cherry sat together on the sofa. Jackson finally showed his distress.

"Honey, is there anything wrong?" Cherry asked worriedly.

"I didn't tell them the truth about the token, " Jackson replied calmly. That afternoon had opened his eyes. He couldn't tell them the token was gone. Eric would most certainly rebel if he did, judging by his ambition and personality.

"Why? Did you not tell them because they didn't ask?" She watched her husband in curiosity.

"Yes. They believe with all certainty that I hold the token, " he told her.

"What are you going to do now?" She coaxed.

A serious look entered his eyes as he looked into hers. "Honey, I've changed my mind about them."

"What do you mean?" Cherry inquired.

"I can terminate their employment with the Chu Family and drive them from the city. I just have to exchange the token with the appointed person, " Jackson explained.

"Is that true?" This news caught Cherry completely by surprise.

"Yes, " Jackson confirmed. "Grandpa must have thought ahead, so he arranged it this way. Eric and Jonson told me that, and I doubt they were lying. There's no way they would joke about such an important topic. They know the consequences of doing so."

"So, what do you want to do?" Cherry asked.

"I told them that I wouldn't call for their services, so they may live as they have been, " Jackson replied solemnly. "I'll take some time to solve the issue with the token, so I may end the agreement with them."

Listening carefully to her husband's words, Cherry nodded. "Well, that's one way to settle these things for a while, " she supposed.

Jackson breathed deeply as he stroked Cherry's hair affectionately. "Yes, well, hopefully nothing bad will happen after. I'll try to solve them if something does." He paused, considering. "Eric and Jonson won't cause problems, so long as the to

on the sofa.

"You are very happy, Derek." Cherry noted, a contented smile touching her lips. His reaction surprised her.

"Of course!" Derek told her, "Jackson, Cherry, thank you for giving me this opportunity to be with her."

"Hey, you'd better do something about it, boy, since we created this opportunity for you. I wouldn't be letting you drive Amy home if Jackson hadn't told me of your feelings for her, " Cherry teased. Derek had played plenty of jokes on her in the past, and now it was her turn.

"Oh, Cherry!" Derek said after taking a sip of his water. "You don't want her to be with me? You would give this chance to someone else? "Who else could be better suited than I to drive her without any complaints? One hundred percent guaranteed service!" he proudly told the couple.

Rolling her eyes, she replied, "Don't flatter yourself. You'll come according to the schedule. You'll be Amy's exclusive driver."

Derek bowed his head gratefully. "Alright, it's my pleasure. I'll do it well."

Listening calmly, Jackson felt his heart warm with happiness for Derek. He thought he wouldn't need to worry about Derek so much if Derek had Amy. His friend's life would change for the better if he had someone to care for him in the future.

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