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   Chapter 456 Go Back Home At An Early Hour (Part Three)

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'That man might not have met Jackson yet, ' Jonson commented in his mind. Nobody could tell whether that man will show respect for Jackson or not.'

Upon returning to his home, Eric sat on the sofa, silent with anger.

Bobby stood, studying Eric's expression. "Boss, what did Jackson say?"

Eric exploded, yelling, "I have never been pissed off like that before! How dare that damned man lecture me in front of Jonson! He would be dead by my hand if he were not the head of the Chu Family!"

A thoughtful expression crossed Bobby's face, causing a crease in his eyebrows. "Boss, please don't be so upset. I have known Jackson for many years. He should not be underestimated. He and the Chu Family indeed have great influence and power in this city."

"Alas, " Eric sighed helplessly, leaning back against his sofa. "When Andrew was my boss, I was somewhat convinced. He had done me a great favor, he was of noble character and high prestige. But now, my boss has become this... this man who is even younger than me! How can I accept this willingly?"

"But, he isn't some man. He is Jackson, " Bobby argued. He had always held Jackson in great esteem. He really admired Jackson's ability to deal with issues, even though his true boss was Eric.

"So what? "Now that Andrew is dead, I'll just revolt against Jackson, " Eric stated, more casually than one should.

Bobby's eyes widened in shock. "Boss!" he exclaimed. "Please don't say things like that. If Jackson finds out, you're sure to be in trouble. Don't forget, Jackson is powerful by himself, and what's more: he was also the boss of Jonson. If they join forces, there's little chance for us to win."

Bobby's interjection made Eric stop and think. He had to admit, he likely wasn't powerful enough to battle Jackson.

Something dawned on him all of a sudden. "Bo

Let's go home now."

Cherry nodded and replied, "Okay!"

Walking together out of the H King Group building, Jackson drove the two of them back home.

As they arrived home, they saw Lily and Bill about to leave.

"Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, why are you back home at such an early hour?" Lily asked, a little surprised. Normally they should be both busy with their work at this hour. Lily wondered possibilities while she waited for their response.

"There wasn't much left to do at our works today, so we decided to come home earlier, " Cherry explained. "Where are you off to with Bill?"

"The supermarket, " Lily clarified. "We require some vegetables, and some daily necessities like detergents. We'll be finished shopping soon before Joe finishes school and we can pick him up on the way home."

Nodding in acknowledgement, Cherry put on a small smile. "Well, okay then. Drive carefully. Come back soon after you pick up Joe."

"Yes, Mrs. Cherry, " Bill agreed. "Have a good rest with Mr. Jackson and we will be back later."

Cherry waved as they left.

Watching the two drive away, Cherry turned to her husband and directed him inside. "Come on, " she said to him quietly. "Let's go into the house."

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