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   Chapter 455 Go Back Home At An Early Hour (Part Two)

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Eric's arrogance faded away and Jackson softened his expression.

"This is the first time we've met since my Grandpa's passing, and we will have more chances in the future." He steeled his eyes on both men before him. "Do not ever try to challenge me again. I wasn't born to be challenged." His tone grew stern. "You had better know how to respect yourselves and others!" He was obviously speaking to Eric. Andrew had mentioned that Eric was stubborn and straight-forward, while Jonson was much smoother and would think twice before attempting anything.

Jonson bobbed his head in agreement.

Eric chose to answer the question that spurred this conflict. "That year, we promised to work for Andrew as long as he needed us, to repay his kindness. The token is the product and symbol of that agreement. It has two functions. It can be used to mobilise employees of mine or Jonson's to work for the Chu Family, and we must obey the token-holder's order unconditionally. That's how it was decided we would repay Andrew and the Chu Family's kindness." Eric paused to ensure that Jackson had time to process. He hesitated before continuing, "If the token is not held by a member of the Chu Family, and if the holder's capacity is incomparable to mine or Jonson's, we reserve the right to take the token back into our ownership."

This function was unsurprising and Jackson was indeed aware of the arrangement Andrew had held with the pair.

"What of the second function of the token?" Jackson coaxed.

Eric remained silent, allowing Jonson to explain.

"The other use of the token has nothing to do with us, " Jonson replied firmly. "The token is the key to obtaining a huge amount of money. Only the members of the Chu Family and their descendants have a chance to use it this way. It is definitely not easy to get."

. If there is anything that especially requires you, I'll have Bobby contact you and then we may meet again."

It was abundantly clear that Jackson had already made up his mind and neither Eric nor Jonson was in a position to challenge him. They were forced to simply obey his order.

"Very well, Mr. Jackson. You're the boss now, and you may do whatever you wish. We'll obey. We are ready at any time if you do need us, " Jonson reminded him respectfully.

Jackson nodded in thanks. "That's all I had to speak with you about today. You may leave now. Bobby will be in contact if you are needed."

He stood and left without allowing another word.

Watching Jackson's receding figure, Eric could only stare and swallow the bitter pill in irritated silence.

"Jackson is so overbearing. He is just as bossy as Andrew was, " said Eric gloomily.

"Calm down please. He is the leader of the Chu Family now, and he has the token. It's better for us to listen to him. Anyway, we'll leave here sooner or later, " replied Jonson.

Eric turned to Jonson. "Terminating the agreement with us is not as easy as he seems to think. Does he really think the man will accept the token just like that?" Eric scowled.

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