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   Chapter 454 Go Back Home At An Early Hour (Part One)

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Parking his car in front of the teahouse, Jackson looked towards the door. He realised the four men in black standing there had been there the whole time.

As he approached, the men quickly bowed their heads.

Jackson didn't acknowledge them, simply walking past them into the teahouse.

The whole place had been reserved, as Jackson saw. Not even a waiter was present. He steeled himself as he reached the agreed meeting spot.

Eric and Jonson quickly stood respectfully as they saw him enter.

"Hello, Mr. Jackson."

"How are you doing, Mr. Jackson?"

The two greeted him, awaiting his first instruction.

His eyes flitted over them as he reached the square table. "Sit down, please, " he commanded.

Jackson kept his tone cold. Although the pair before him had great influence over the city, the Chu Family was their master, and he would act as such.

Eric and Jonson sat as ordered, opposite Jackson.

A man brought three cups of green tea. Once he had placed the cups on the table, Jonson waved him away. "You can go now, " he ordered. "No one is to get close to us without my permission!"

The man dipped his head in agreement and quickly retreated.

Adjusting his shirt, Eric turned to Jackson. "Mr. Jackson, it has been quite some time. You must have finished dealing with the Chu Family's affairs then?"

It was obvious what Eric meant. They indeed cared about Andrew's business. Jackson had needed to deal with not only the funeral for his grandfather, but several other things relating as well. Eric did seem to care about him too, but he was eager to know what Andrew's successor would do next.

"Yes, they have been dealt with." Jackson inclined his head.

Jonson watched carefully. "Mr. Jackson, if there's anything that we can help with, please don't hesitate to tell us. Mr. Andrew helps us a lot. We're very sorry and shocked about his passing, " he spoke quickly, "I

the past five years, Andrew has helped us a great deal. You have also given us substantial support. Without the support of the Chu Family, we'll never be able to keep our positions. We won't be against you." Jonson paused, hoping his words might have effect on Jackson. "Please, " he beseeched, "Don't get angry with Eric anymore."

Jonson's panicked speech aside, Jackson couldn't let Eric's words go. Instead, he fixed his eyes on the could-be challenger. 'It's time to teach him a lesson, ' Jackson thought to himself, 'I can't let him look down on me!'

"Do you think, Eric, that I can do nothing to you? Do you believe you can still stay in this fair city, safe and sound, if I don't wish it? By all means, let's have at it!" Jackson ensured his words were emphasised and clear that Eric would understand every one.

Eric flinched, shocked at the sheer intimidation the young Jackson Chu pulled off. He couldn't take any chances. Eric had to take Jackson's capability and the power of the Chu Family seriously.

"I'm sorry. I was too impetuous." Eric quickly averted his eyes.

That was the white feather from Eric. "Mr. Jackson, calm down please, " Jonson implored. "We are all friends here. There is nothing between us that can't be negotiated peacefully."

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