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   Chapter 453 Sweet Love (Part Two)

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"They have been busy with wedding arrangements, and buying furniture for Selina and me." Talking about the two of them brought a feeling of helplessness to Wilson. Lately, every night, when he got home, something was new or changed. So far, they had the house repainted, and there was new furniture delivered daily. However, he hadn't seen them so happy in a while, so, he didn't complain.

There was a twinkle of happiness in Cherry's eye when she asked, "Have you set the date for the wedding? Mother and Uncle Jacob are anxiously waiting to receive their new daughter-in-law."

"No, not yet. The photos of Selina and I will arrive in a few days. Then, Derek and I will choose a wedding date and inform Jackson and you." answered Wilson. Wilson was quite busy lately, with business affairs as well as Selina, and taking care of his Father and Aunt Elsa after work. He couldn't recall a time he had ever been as busy. Wilson recalled friends of his preparing to wed, complaining about how much work it was, now Wilson understood. The rewards, being married to Selina, eclipsed the added stress and work because he loved Selina, and it was a joyful occasion to be marrying her.

"That's great! Joe's ready to burst, he keeps asking when you and Selina will be married, " Cherry was excited for her brother. Wilson was so always kind to her, and she was thrilled that Wilson had found his soulmate in Selina.

"What a scamp Joe is!" chuckled Wilson. Thinking of Joe, Wilson couldn't help but smile, but then again, he was such a lovely boy, who wouldn't love him?

Cherry gave Wilson a look of worry, "Look, I know you're busy lately. if it's too much for you, please let me know, and I will handle the affairs here. That way you can focus on the wedding. What's more, Mother and Uncle Jacob are busy, so, you need to help them, so they aren't exhausted."

Wilson was touched by Cherry's thoughtfulness and agreed, "I will see how things go. But, I don't want you to be worn out either. You have your hands full as it is, and have Jackson and Joe to take care of as well."

"It's okay, Joe is a thoughtful, sensitive boy, and Lily is there to help look after him. Even If I were swamped, he has a set routine he follows. You don't need to worry about us. Right now, the most important thing is your marriage to Selina, and getting everything ready so you and Selina have the perfect wedding day, " Cherry said wistfully.

"Alright, " said Wilson nodding.

"By the way, how's Selina doing? I haven't talked to her in a few days, and wondered how she's hanging in?" asked Cherry.

"She's doing well! Derek's giving her a hand at work so that she can relax a little. But, you know how she is! She loves to handle most things herself and goes until

" declared Selina as she yearned for her wedding day to happen now.

"We will. My Father and Aunt Elsa have been busily tending the wedding arrangements. They are arranging our wedding room, booking a hotel and other odds and ends. I am feeling a little bad that they are working so hard, " Wilson shared his deepest thoughts and feelings. He was grown, yet, he had to let his two elders worry about him. Especially aunt Elsa. Even though she wasn't his birth mother, she treated him like her son since she married his father. Wilson was grateful to her, and he respected her very much. Now she was older, and he was obedient so she could be safe and happy in her golden years. It was not easy for this reestablished family, but he cherished them very much.

"Yes, they have done a lot. We should go home one day repay the kindness they have done for us, " said Selina in a very considerate manner. She could feel how well these two elders treated her. They were kind, gracious and every time Selina was there, they were concerned, diligent and paid thoughtful attention to her. They were a happy reconstructed family. She loved them all; the elders as well as Wilson and Cherry. These people were all precious to her, and she cherished them dearly!

"Good idea! We will go back sometime and we can see the wedding room they arranged. If you're not satisfied with it, you can tell me and we will arrange it differently, " said Wilson smiling ear to ear.

"I'm not really picky. I will love whatever Uncle Jacob and Aunt Elsa arrange for us, " Selina commented, "Then, it's settled, we will choose a day and go back together!"


Wilson concurred. The young lovers were both brimming with happiness and each sitting in an office, in different buildings on opposite sides of the city were smiling and full of contentment.

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