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   Chapter 452 Sweet Love (Part One)

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"I am heading over to see you, now, " Jackson told Cherry on his way out of the office.

When Jackson got it in his mind to do something, no force on heaven or earth could stop him, so Cherry agreed.

Looking at the clock, she smiled, "Sounds good. It's almost noon, and we can have lunch together when you come here."

"Alright, be right there." responded Jackson.

He'd just ended the call and taken a couple of steps, when Jackson heard his name being called.

From somewhere behind him came the high-pitched voice calling, "Mr. Jackson! Oh, Mr. Jackson..?"

Jackson was in a hurry and annoyed, but this was his business, so he stopped and turned around. He watched Susan as she walked up to him.

Sashaying and wearing a calculating smile, Susan caught up to Jackson. He asked dispassionately, "How can I help you?"

Looking up at him, Susan tilted her head slightly and batted her eyes. Her voice purred as she nonchalantly asked, "Hello Mr. Jackson, where are you off to?"

"I'm going out. What's the matter?" There was a trace of agitation in his voice. He couldn't understand why Susan insisted on approaching him with matters. Normally, the staff should ask for the managers' help if something happened and they couldn't handle. Going over a managers head was unheard of at the bar, and no one would go directly to the owner unless the managers didn't resolve the problems.

"Oh, there's nothing wrong. I wanted to find out where you are going and to see if I could accompany you, " Susan's obsequious request was presumptuous at best. She thought Jackson might be going out for pleasure and not business reasons, and this would be an excellent opportunity for some alone time with him so he could get to know her and maybe give her special attention. She had been working in the bar for a long time, but she seldom had time to approach him. Today was a God-given opportunity that she decided to seize.

However Jackson remained aloof toward her, and with a detached pitch he replied, "I am going to see my wife; do you still want to go with me?" He snapped curtly turning and walking away, paying no attention to her reaction.

"I..." Susan gagged on her anger. Watching him disappearing in the distance, Susan felt stung and hurt. She hadn't expected him to be going to see his wife. He indeed lived up to his reputation as insensitive, but he was warm and thoughtful to his wife. Then, his consideration solely belonged to his beloved woman. 'How can I get him to treat me with care?' Susan asked herself.

After arriving at the H King Group, Jackson took his phone out and called Cherry to let her know he was waiting downstairs.

Three minutes later, Cherry walked out of the building and got into Jackson's car.

"I hope the

sign the deal immediately, " directed Wilson, as he handed some paperwork to Cherry.

Cherry took the contract from Wilson, "Alright, I will review the documents first, and develop a plan. I will be prepared."

As Cherry reached out to take the papers, Wilson held them a moment more, looking into his sister's eyes he stressed, "Cherry. I requested that you negotiate the contract because it is imperative for us to land it, and I think you are the most capable person to manage it, " Lauded Wilson.

"I understand!" acknowledged Cherry.

With business out of the way, Wilson was concerned about his sister, so, he asked, "Why didn't you ask me to join you for lunch today? We usually eat together unless something's up."

"Well, Jackson met me at noon. He called me out. I am sorry, I didn't ask you!" Cherry explained hastily.

"It's okay. I don't mind; I was just making sure everything was okay." Wilson waved his hand, letting Cherry know he didn't blame her. A thought struck him, and he asked, "Why did Jackson want to see you? Is everything okay?"

"No, he had some free time today and didn't want to have lunch alone, so he came to see me. After lunch, he drove me back here and left, " stated Cherry. She didn't want Wilson to be worried about Jackson's meeting with Eric and Johnson because it was Chu family business. So, it would be inappropriate of her to tell Wilson without Jackson's permission. Also, considering Wilson didn't know the men, and It would be senseless to explain it to Wilson.

"Okay, I see. You must tell me though, if you had any difficulties. I'm your brother and will help however I can." Wilson told her sincerely. Cherry was his only sister and he didn't want anything to happen to her.

"I know." said Cherry smiling, "So? How are Mother and Uncle Jacob? What are they up to lately?"

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