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   Chapter 451 Only Want To See You (Part Four)

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"Morning Uncle Jackson, It's John, " Jackson heard the emotion-ridden voice in his ear.

"John?" There was surprise in Jackson's tone, 'Why on earth are you calling me?'

"Yes, it's me, John. I live in Hong Kong with my parents now, " there was a sad quality in John's tone that sounded like one long sigh, and echoed in his words.

Considering it was Jackson who asked them to move to Hong Kong, it should be evident that Jackson was aware of where John and his parents resided. Jackson felt himself becoming irked at the phone call. He took a deep breath, releasing tension as he exhaled, "How are you guys settling in?" Jackson inquired politely.

"Everything is going well here; thank you for asking, " replied John, and then he timidly asked, "How is Cherry?"

"She and Joe are both doing well, " Jackson answered, feeling bad for his nephew.

"That's good to hear, I regret that I didn't have the chance to visit before I left. Today I was walking down the street, and I saw a little boy who reminded me of Joe, " John's voice sounded pensive, with a nostalgic timbre when he said Joe's name.

"John, " said Jackson remorsefully and he sighed telling John, "I am sorry, John, " Jackson felt guilty, he hated Lucia, and how she was always trying to bring harm to Cherry, and worse how Lucia treated his wife, it was intolerable. When considering John though, Jackson was ashamed of what he did to John's life. For well over five years, John was polite, and he balanced his family alongside work life well. Jackson admired those qualities very much. But, Lucia hated Cherry so much, that Jackson was forced into the position of making them move to another city, in order to protect his family adequately.

"Uncle, we are family, there's no need to apologiz

t and transforming the face of lives all over the city.

While Jackson sat behind his desk thinking about his upcoming meeting, he had an overwhelming urge to see Cherry. Inspired by the idea of spending time with her, Jackson took his phone out and called her.

"My beloved!" Jackson began feeling calmer when he heard the lilt in Cherry's sweet voice coming through his phone.

He could tell by Cherry's tone that she was smiling, which made him grin as he asked, "Are you free now?"

"No, actually there isn't much for me to do today, " replied Cherry. She went on, "What's the matter? Why'd you call?"

Pouting into his receiver as though Chery would be able to see, Jackson declared, "Babe, I miss you so much. I am going to come to pick you up, now, " Jackson decided he needed to feel Cherry pressed against his chest, and in his arms, so, he asserted his intentions as opposed to asking.

"You are headed here? Now?" Cherry was surprised. She and Jackson were never away from each other for long. Plus, it had only been a few hours since he saw her that morning. It was getting more and more curious, she thought. What was going on? Why did he want to see her?

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