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   Chapter 450 Only Want To See You (Part Three)

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"Well, if it isn't love at first sight, Derek must think of Amy as a charming woman that he wants to get to know better, " stated Jackson, concluding his belief was sound.

The complicated situation made Cherry somewhat uneasy, so she mused out loud, "Well, they just barely met tonight, they'll have tons of chances to see each other again, we need to be patient. Perhaps they will fall in love over time. It's up to the two of them."

Seeing how concerned Cherry was, Jackson playfully, and softly pinched her nose while comforting her, "Babe, all you need to fret about is taking good care of Joe and I. That's your duty, so don't stress over other things. You know what kind of person Derek is, as well as your classmate, Miss Amy, there's no doubt they are both good people. It wouldn't be bad if they started dating. There's no need to worry about them."

"Well, that's true, " agreed Cherry leaning against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck, "My darling, I care for only you, and Joe."

Jackson's hot breath tickled Cherry's ear as he whispered lovingly into her ear, "Can't you just serve me, and not Joe?"

Cherry refused and shook her head, "Impossible! Joe is my son!"

"True, but, you are my wife!" Jackson denied her argument as he lifted her into his arms, and walked up the stairs.

The scenery whizzed by on the other side of the car window Amy stared out. She sat silently next to him in the car, and didn't know what to say, so she kept staring out the windows.

His hands were clammy as he tightly clasped the steering wheel, controlling the car as it raced down the road. Derek wanted to talk, but he didn't know where to start. He was embarrassed.

"Well, " Derek finally said, not able to bear the silence, "Have you

ul. I am thrilled that you are an eager student! Keep it up, " gushed Cherry smiling with pride and love. Cherry felt some tension leaving her when it dawned on her. She could put her mind at rest on this, since Joe's teacher was a highly qualified professional, and he enjoyed learning.

Waving his hand dismissively at his Mommy, Joe informed her, "I know, I know, Mommy. Stop worrying."

Smiling indulgently at her beautiful little boy, Cherry ignored that Joe's response had been impertinent.

Shortly after breakfast, the family went their separate ways for the day. Cherry dropped Joe off at school, then drove to work, while Jackson headed over to the bar.

Sitting in his office, and settling into work mode for the day, Jackson started off by catching up with the world of finance and other newsworthy headlines online.

'Unknown Name, ' and a string of numbers were lighting up on his cell's screen as it rang unexpectedly. He glanced at the number, not recognizing it, Jackson hesitated, letting it ring longer. Finally, Jackson accepted the call.

"Hello, " Jackson dropped the octave of his voice, making himself sound rougher as he answered the phone.

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