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   Chapter 449 Only Want To See You (Part Two)

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Cherry held Amy's hand, and turning to the three gentlemen introduced her, "I'd like to introduce Miss Amy, a classmate from high school, and Joe's piano teacher. Amy, this is Jackson, Derek and my son, Joe." Cherry gestured toward each as she introduced them.

Greeting each guy in order, she nodded first at Jackson, "Good evening, it's nice to meet you."

Jackson responded by nodding at her.

Having just met moments ago at the front door, there wasn't really anything to say, and the two of them nodded at the other.

After that Amy turned her attention to Joe, smiling and bending over to say hello. Joe's eyes twinkled brightly and grinned ear to ear, and he proudly piped up, "Hello, Miss Amy, I'm Joe. I am honored to have you as my teacher."

"Well, hello Joe! It's a pleasure to meet you, and I am thrilled that I will be your instructor, " Amy radiated with joy.

A thought struck Cherry, and out of the blue, she wanted to know, "Derek? Why did you arrive at the house with Amy? Are you two...?"

Thanks to Cherry's assumption, Amy stared at the floor, keeping her head lowered as she became flushed, and hot and a crimson red with embarrassed shyness.

Watching Amy's profile as her face turned scarlet while looking down, as though the ground would open up and swallow her whole, left Derek feeling protective, "No, Cherry, nothing like that. We just met out on your front stop."

"Oh really, is that so?" A look flashed in Cherry's eye for a split second. Amy had told Cherry that she was single, and Derek didn't have a girlfriend. For that matter, it had been many years since his last date. An idea was brewing, and Cherry's mind was filled with the possibilities of getting these two together.

Joe's eagle e

alone. I will give you a call when I get home."

Cherry nodded before telling Derek, "Get her home safely, please!"

"Cherry! I'm shocked! Don't you trust me?" Derek smiled and teased her lightly.

Jackson smiled but stayed out of this one.

"Of course I trust you! But still, please promise me you will keep her safe, " said Cherry.

"I promise you, Amy will be perfectly safe in my care, " After assuring Cherry, Derek said his goodbyes to Jackson, "I'm going to go now."

Jackson silently nodded.

Enjoying the evening air, Jackson and Cherry stood outside, seeing Derek and Amy off. The two of them stood outside, watching their friends drive away.

"Darling, why do you suppose Derek was behaving so out of character tonight?" asked Cherry. Derek's sudden offer to drive Amy home confused Cherry.

Taking Cherry hand tenderly in his, Jackson stopped, and looking down into Cherry's eyes, he suggested, "Babe, it could be that he fell in love with Amy at first sight."

"Oh? Is that so?" Although she had teased the two, Jackson's suggestion was difficult to believe. Then again, Cherry never thought Derek would be so courteous to Amy.

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