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   Chapter 446 Live Happily Ever After (Part Two)

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Mike said hesitatingly, "What about trying other ways? Your Daddy might get angry if he finds out what we've been doing and about the investigation. He is just like my Daddy, they don't want us to get involved in their issues."

"Well, you know me, I'll be very careful. I'll go to great lengths to hide it from my Daddy. Only if he finds out will he be mad at me, " Joe replied.

An idea suddenly sparked in Mike's mind, and he asked, "Joe, will your great-grandpa give you the token instead of to your Daddy?"

"Impossible! That will never happen!" Joe firmly said, "Although my great-grandpa loves me dearly, he doesn't tell me about anything about the important stuff going on in our family. I don't have any clue about my family's secrets and he definitely will not tell me, forget giving me the token. Like I told you before, since I lived abroad for a long time, I missed out a lot on the events in my family. All I know now comes from my Mommy. Unless I know more about my family, I cannot protect my Mommy and that is my only intention. That's why I've been trying to investigate things about the token."

Mike nodded and fully understood what Joe had in mind. Joe's love for his mother was beyond Mike's imagination, as Joe thought his Mommy was the greatest person in the world and would do anything for her. Since his Mommy loved him so much, Joe felt it was his duty to step up and protect her now that he was a big boy.

Joe patted Mike's shoulder and said to him, "I'm sure the token won't affect us too much, so don't waste your time thinking about it. I'm also looking for it and might find it eventually."

Mike replied understandingly, "Okay. I'll help you, don't worry about it."

Joe said with genuine emotion, "Thank you, Mike. I will never forget your help in my time of need."

A smile appeared on Mike's face as he said, "Joe, we promised to be friends forever, so you don't need to thank me. There's no 'thank you' and 'sorry' between friends!"

Joe nodded cheerfully, "Yeah, w

ld him in person. She believed joy should always be shared as soon as possible and she even missed her husband a little bit.

Cherry arranged her files in order of the work she had to do the next day and locked up her office. She grabbed her favorite baby pink coat and bag and left for the bar.

Cherry drove to the nightclub and walked directly towards Jackson's office. She couldn't wait to tell him the good news.

Cherry was a new face to the waiters in the nightclub so they did not greet her as she walked in. As she reached Jackson's office, she saw Susan walk out, gleefully. The smile on her face made it look like she was privy to a secret no one else knew.

Susan also noticed Cherry and happily greeted her, "Hi, Cherry."

Cherry recognized her and nodded a greeting.

"Hi, Susan, is Jackson in his office?" Cherry asked.

"Yes, he is. I was just with him for business. There are no other people in his office. Please go in, " Susan said in a delighted tone.

Cherry nodded and kept silent. She had no desire to engage in meaningless conversation with her.

'She seemed very happy, ' looking at Susan's departing figure, Cherry thought, 'Maybe she and Jackson were laughing at something funny at work but she didn't look like she was laughing at a joke.'

Cherry didn't knock on the door and walked in directly.

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