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   Chapter 444 Meeting Aunt Jean (Part Two)

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"Yes, the token, " the boy replied dryly. "I've heard that its owner can rule two gangs and possess a lot of money. The person who sent that email to my father said so, and I think some other people know too."

Joe was deep in thought and was astonished. He thought to himself, 'I've never heard this thing. If it is true, will my Daddy be in danger?'

Joe asked, "Mike, are you sure?" Joe gazed steadily into the distance.

Mike started nervously flicking the pocket on his school clothes as he watched Joe. "I'm sure, " he replied. "There must be a token. But..." His words ended abruptly.

Joe looked back at his friend and asked, "But what?"

"I...I think a lot of people may be planning to take the token." Mike hesitated before speaking again. "So...your Daddy might be..."

He didn't get a chance to continue his thought, for Joe immediately interrupted him. "My Daddy will be fine. No one can hurt my Daddy."

"Well, you might be right, " Mike conceded. "My Dad told me that no one would dare challenge your Daddy." He was reluctant to continue, but Joe needed to know. "But people who want that token will usually do anything to get it."

A new thought suddenly occurred to Joe. "Does the token have any meaning?"

Mike pondered before responding. "I don't know. But the guy who sent the email to my father said the token was a symbol of power and wealth."

Thinking fast, Joe spoke just as quickly, "Mommy and Daddy must already know this. But they haven't told me. If I'm right, Uncle Derek knows too. But does Mond know?"

Mike thought of something and quickly shouted, "There might be one thing related to the token, Joe."

Joe turned his attention back to Mike, asking, "What is it?"

"It's about your butler's death, " the other boy explained. "Your Daddy buried this, but some people still know your butler died in a car accident." Mike thought back to the news he would watch every day to see what was going on in the business world.

Silence befell the pair of boys on the stone bench. Mike had guessed at what Joe had been thinking. He'd seen quite a few odd things happen in his home around his Great-Grandpa's death.

Mike watched Joe's face and he could tell the other boy was deep in thought. Mike had always thought Joe was much smarter than him, and he admired Joe for this. They were both just kids, and although Mike had opportunities to try to learn and understand more things, he just wasn't a match for Joe's intelligence. It was always enjoyable to discuss and solve problems with Joe, so he often wanted to be friends with the Chu boy.

Interrupting Mike's train of thou

bite. "Well, Aunt Jean, I want to tell you something."

"Okay, say it, " Jean happily replied.

He looked at his aunt, still holding his chopsticks, and then laughed. "I'm going to take piano class." He beamed at her. "My Mommy found a piano teacher for me and I might be taking lessons in two days."

Surprised, Jean gushed, " Really? That's great! Joe, you'd better study piano hard." Jean sincerely encouraged Joe to learn piano well. If he were her own child, she'd be very excited. Children always made Jean feel the whole world must be full of joy.

"Of course, Aunt Jean. I really want to learn the piano." Joe tapped his fingers along the table, mimicking a pianist's fingers across a piano. He imagined his wonderful and bright future. "I truly want to make beautiful music with my piano. And I hope I can be Piano Prince and ask my Mommy to watch me playing the piano someday."

Jean grinned at her nephew, watching his excited face. "You should study hard. Piano is not so easy to learn."

Joe held up his pinky finger in a promise. "Take it easy. I will try my best to learn it." His eyes grew wide in eagerness. "I will invite you to my piano concert! You have to come see me play the piano. Promise me, okay?"

"Okay, I will, " Jean enthusiastically replied. Joe was almost like he was her own son. But her thoughts turned to his parents, Jackson and Cherry. She looked away.

Tilting his head at his aunt's expression, he asked, "Aunt Jean, what's the matter?"

Jean looked into her nephew's big eyes and replied hesitantly, "Will your Daddy and Mommy welcome me?"

Joe stopped in his tracks. "No." His face fell before he looked back at her. "I'll talk to my Mommy and Daddy, so please. Aunt Jean, don't be worried."

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