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   Chapter 443 Meeting Aunt Jean (Part One)

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Something changed in Derek's face and he spoke up suddenly. "Jackson, we should fight back. If this continues, I don't know what's going to happen next."

Jackson nodded in agreement. "You're right. I'll take care of Eric and Jonson. You, watch Mond. I don't think he'll cause any trouble for the moment, but let's keep an eye on him for now."

"Understood, " Derek affirmed.

There was a moment of silence before Jackson spoke again. "However..."

Puzzled, Derek observed Jackson's features and asked, "What?"

Jackson furrowed his brows, mildly lost in his thoughts. "Do you think Mond killed the butler?" He had no evidence. Besides, the truck driver was already dead, so there were no leads to follow.

Derek fell deep in thought. He had never considered this possibility before, but he furthered its premise to ask, "If so, why did he kill the butler?"

"Because the butler knew some secrets of his, " Jackson explained. "Actually, I suspected the butler had been in touch with people outside the family. It's no surprise that he might contact those that hate our family. He must have contacted people from our past, namely Mond, Sally and Stephen. Ruling out those who couldn't have done it, Mond and Sally are the only ones who could." He was confident in his deduction.

"That does make sense. But could it be Sally?" Derek inclined his head.

Jackson sighed, following his deductive reasoning. "Unlikely. I know Sally. She's not smart enough to order the butler to do it."

"Then, Mond is the only possibility, " Derek replied firmly. "Five years ago when he returned to this city, he already had some power and money. We barely even noticed. Now, I am forced to admit that he is incredibly powerful. He owns a very large and wealthy group, not to mention his own huge fortune."

It was all true. Jackson couldn't ignore it any longer. "We can't just casually ignore him anymore."

A feeling of helplessness shadowed Derek throughout their conversation, and now it reared its head. "Jackson, I don't understand, " Derek complained. "Why is Mond always standing against you? Is it entertaining, killing each other like this? Does he get some sick pleasure from this?"

"Never mind, " Jackson replied. He felt it too, but it was futile. "There's no use complaining now. Surprisingly, I can actually understand him. My Grandpa was always so cruel to him. He must hate my Grandpa so. He fights against me because it's unfair. It's just so simple, he is upset. I live a stable and happy life, while he drifts about, never really settling in or finding home and family."

Derek frowned, shaking his head, "But, when he left, Grandpa left him a large sum of money, definitely enough for him to live comfortably for life. And I bet the assets he owns now were gained by using Grandpa's money."

There was no argument to that. Jackson remained silent. He had also wondered why Mond continued

lieved knowing her husband would be fine.

The next morning, Cherry drove Joe to school again. Upon reaching the school date, Joe turned to her happily. "Good-bye, Mommy. Drive slower but carefully, Mommy."

"I know, sweetheart, " Cherry replied. "Remember to study hard in school."

"Okay. Bye bye, Mommy." He pulled his backpack on and walked into the school with the other children.

He found his classroom and sat in his assigned seat. He saw another child, Mike, approach him.

"I want to talk to you outside, Joe. Come with me?" Mike asked.

Studying the other boy's eyes for a moment, Joe stood without a word and followed Mike outside.

The two sat together on a stone bench.

"Last night, I used our home computer, " Mike started. "Someone sent my father an email that's regarding your family."

"My family...?" Joe repeated. This was confusing. His Mommy and Daddy were good and happy. He hadn't noticed anything wrong. Just happy.

Mike rubbed his face before responding. "Well, yeah. It's about your Great-Grandpa."

His Great-Grandpa? Joe hadn't thought about him. He fretted and quivered. He knew his Mommy and Daddy were good, and of course Joe himself was good. But his Great-Grandpa? Joe knew that his Great-Grandpa had a lot of secrets, but he never thought before that something might be wrong because of Great-Grandpa.

"Go on, say it. What's going on, Mike?"

"Well, your Great-Grandpa used to be the king of mafia in this city, " Mike stated. "Now, he's dead. Your Daddy naturally takes over his job." He paused before continuing. "Lots of people want to rob it over from your Daddy." Joe watched Mike's face as he spoke, and there wasn't a hint of kidding in his expression.

Joe set his jaw firmly and coaxed Mike to continue. "What? How will they do that?"

"He has a token. Once it's taken over, as is his power, " Mike responded matter-of-factly.

Once again, Joe repeated, "A token?"

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