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   Chapter 442 She Didn't Know (Part Two)

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"Mr. Jackson, do you have any instructions for me?" Bobby asked respectfully.

"Is there any news about Eric and Jonson? What have they been doing lately?" Jackson asked straight-forwardly because he felt he didn't need to hide anything from Bobby.

"The two bosses have been waiting for your news about the tokens, and the others have no changes, just as usual, " replied Bobby calmly, but he was somewhat delighted. Hopefully, Jackson intended to meet Eric and Jonson, now that he was asking about them.

Jackson nodded slightly, and then went on, "You go to meet them today and fix a time with them. I want to meet and talk to them about the tokens. And I need to invite them to have tea, apologizing for meeting them so late after my Grandpa's death."

"Ok, Ok, I'm going to meet them now. They have always wanted to see you, but feared that you are too busy to have time for them. Since you intend to meet them, I will go discuss with them and arrange a meeting for you as soon as possible, " Bobby hastily replied with a smile.

Worry tightened Jackson's chest as he nodded, but he refused to let it show.

"Well, go back to work and call me if you have any problems, " said Jackson.

"Ok." Bobby left Jackson's office in a good mood.

Jackson sat at his desk, meditating. What he was going to do next was quite dangerous for himself, but if he did nothing, he didn't know what to explain to Eric and Jonson. It would prove impossible to control them if they grew suspicious enough to find out the truth on their own. The pair might get angry, and the consequences were unimaginable. Even if the tokens were finally found, it would cause a dispute. Therefore, he had to take measures now to deal with these things and minimize

heir own lives, and I live mine. They don't need to take orders from anybody in the future."

"But this is too much risk. We don't even know where the tokens are now, " Derek continued softly.

"Yes, I don't know where they are now, maybe they will appear one day, but for now I have to act as though they are gone, " replied Jackson in a helpless tone. He tried fighting the uncertainty here, but it was futile.

Derek remained silent.

Thinking quickly, Derek wondered aloud, "Are you sure the tokens are not at home? Cherry and Joe, they don't know where the tokens are, right?"

Jackson nodded, musing in response, "They are definitely not in the villa. And I have looked for them in the residential compound for some time, but nothing. The butler didn't find them, then how could I?"

After that, Jackson continued to say, "Cherry might have some idea. I will go back to ask her once again this evening. Joe certainly wouldn't know though. Grandpa wouldn't tell anything to him since he is just a kid."

Derek thought for a while and agreed. The tokens were not at home. If Cherry and Joe didn't know where they were, then where were they now?

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