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   Chapter 439 The Butler's Death (Part One)

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It was evening before Jackson, Cherry, Lily and Bill all left the military residential compound to return to the villa.

As soon as Joe saw that his parents were home, he rushed to his Mommy with an anxious look on his face and asked, "Mommy, where were you for so long?"

Cherry didn't answer his question. Instead, she turned and asked Lily, "Lily, prepare dinner for us all, please. Joe must be starving!"

"Yes ma'am, I will have it ready soon, " after replying Lily turned and walked out of the room.

Holding Joe's hand, Cherry headed to the living room.

Since his Mommy always answered his questions, Joe realized something was going on. He peered up at his Mommy's face as they walked, and found it odd that she was expressionless. Then Joe glanced over at his Daddy and saw it was contorted with fury. All this weirdness surprised Joe and left him questioning, 'I wonder if something happened?'

Noticing the puzzled expression on Joe's face, Cherry patiently explained to her son, "Joe, something happened at the military residential compound that Daddy and I went to take care of. I am sorry we are so late getting home. How was everything while you were here alone today?"

Joe nodded and said agreeably, "Being home alone was alright."

'What on earth happened at the military residential compound?' Joe wondered. He was still feeling apprehensive because his Mommy was scowling.

His voice denoted the concern he felt when he asked, "Mommy? Are you okay?"

Cherry smiled weakly, cradling his cheek in her hand as she reassured, "Oh yes, my darling son, I am fine. There's no reason to worry!"

"Okay, " Joe nodded and said.

Jackson still felt overwhelmed with anxiety. Seeing Cherry in the living room, explaining the events to Joe, he decided that the crisp night air might do him some good. Jackson walked out on the balcony and gripped the rail, closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh, clean air in slowly. After inhaling a few times deeply, he opened his eyes and viewed the distant scene, hoping the tranquility he watched could help him relax.

Suddenly, he was pulled back from deep thought, when he heard the constant, all too familiar ringing of a cell. He took the phone out and confirmed it was Derek, Jackson hurriedly swiped accepting the call saying into the mouthpi


Stunned, Jackson hung up without saying anything else.

The loud ringing had woken Cherry too, and she sat up in bed, rubbing her drowsy eyes and asked Jackson in a bewildered tone, "What's going on?"

"Derek phoned to tell me, " he paused to gather his thoughts. Jackson's voice was calm and smooth, but inside he was in shock, and his mind raced with questioned, "He said... the Butler's dead." He felt the whole situation was suspicious, 'Was the accident just a coincidence?'

The news unsettled Cherry, rendering her speechless. She stared wide-eyed at Jackson, not believing she heard him right.

After a long silence, Jackson turned to look at Cherry saying, "I have to leave, but, don't be scared, Babe. Just go back to sleep."

"Where are you going at this hour of the night? Do you want me to go with you?" Cherry grabbed his arm, worried about Jackson's safety.

Jackson smiled, stroking Cherry's cheek softly and said, "I'm going to meet Derek. Don't worry. Go back to sleep. You need more rest so you can get Joe to school in the morning. I will be fine."

Feeling as though she had no other choice, Cherry nodded in agreement. Though, her heart ached with worry for Jackson. She agreed with him because she didn't want to add to his burden.

Jackson changed into clothes and left the room quickly. Cherry watched him, feeling very distressed. Jackson had been through a lot over the years, and endured so much pain, with so many setbacks, that Cherry thought he must have a gaping wound in his heart.

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