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   Chapter 438 It Is Her All The Time (Part Two)

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Jackson went over to the side of the bed. Looking down, he saw a photo of his Grandpa that usually sat on the nightstand laying on the floor. He picked it up slowly, and carefully placed it back in its spot on the stand next to the bed.

Cherry also entered the room. Slowly walking up to Jackson, she asked, "Jackson, why would the butler do this?" Her voice was soft and low.

"You've already known why, " Jackson said emotionlessly.

"Does he know where the token is?" inquired Cherry.

Jackson shook his head, "No, he doesn't know, or he wouldn't have torn our home up looking for it. He doesn't know what the token looks like either."

It was because of how thoroughly the butler had searched, and the wreckage he left in his wake that cinched it. Jackson could tell he had no idea where the token was, so the butler had to look everywhere. It was logic that led Jackson to deduce the butler had no idea what he was even looking for. He would have it if he knew.

"What do we do now?" Cherry's voice trembled with fear.

"After the butler is brought in we can consider our next step, " Jackson shrugged answering Cherry. All Jackson's hopes were pinned on Derek and Bobby locating the butler quickly. After the butler was apprehended Jackson would be able to glean how much what the butler knew, and Jackson would also see what else he could discover.

Cherry silently stood next to Jackson.

At his villa, Mond sat on the sofa reading the newspaper. Jean walked by carrying a cup of tea.

"Riiing... riing..." the loud phone bellowing broke the peaceful silence, and Mond jumped to answer it before it rang again.

"Hello?" Mond's impatience could be heard on the other end.

"Mr. Mond, the butler resurfaced, Jackson's people are hunting him down, " the male voice reported.

Mond's expression went from sedate to vicious as he listened to the voice on the other end. His timbre was terse and words biting as he warned th

I am to getting Cherry away from the Chu Family and out of Jackson's life for good.

"So, does that mean you don't care about your safety? Did you forget how much the Butler knows about you?" asked Mond snidely.

"Honestly, I don't care what Jackson finds out. It doesn't mean anything to me, " Sally kept a bored expression on her face. She could care less what Mond said, and since, she didn't care, she wasn't stressed, and no longer felt pressured to jump when he spoke; his words didn't hurt her anymore.

"Really?" In the past, he had tried guessing her thoughts, but she surprised him with her stubborn persistence. Mond cocked an eyebrow cynically, giving Sally a look of disbelief. She still held one person in her heart, above all, and that person was Jackson! But why? Jackson had an incredible wife at his side already, so, how on earth could this silly woman be dead set winning his love? Was Jackson the perfect man? Could no one else compare to him?

"Yes, really, " Sally decisively declared as she jumped to her feet and looked down at him, "We're not even partners anymore, Mond. Stephen has left the city!" She shook her finger at him saying, "Now, you have your goal, and I have mine. My target has always been Cherry."

With these words, Sally turned around and left.

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