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   Chapter 436 The Piano Teacher

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Cherry was in bed already when Jackson entered the bedroom. He changed into his pajamas and got into bed.

Cherry was faced away from Jackson, but he pulled her into his arms and held her closely from behind.

"Babe, " whispered Jackson his breath hot against her ear.

"Mmhm, I am tired, sleep, " mumbled Cherry with her eyes closed.

"Sorry, I wasn't there to protect the two of you, " said Jackson apologetically.

Cherry opened her eyes as she rolled over to look closely at Jackson, "What are you talking about? Don't think too much. Just sleep."

"You won't see her and her family in the future. She's never to hurt you again, " said Jackson.

Cherry widened her eyes surprised, "What have you done?"

"I asked them to move to Hong Kong. They can no longer live here, " stated Jackson flatly.

"But John's position...?" Cherry was somewhat worried. As a public figure, if John suddenly left, there would be rumors and speculations from citizens.

"Don't worry. Derek will take care of the details, " Jackson replied.

Cherry was a little relieved thinking about Derek. He was a sensible and cautious person.

"Jackson, do you really need to do this? Our son and I are fine. If you drive them away, things will be too..." Cherry stated.

"I only put up with her for Grandpa's sake. Grandpa completely spoiled her. With the power of the Chu family's name, she's let it go to her head in public. I have tolerated her behavior for a long time. Since she doesn't know how to be respectful, this is my only recourse, " explained Jackson. He didn't see this as doing something wrong. He was clear about how he dealt with people like Lucia. Lucia would always think of herself as a queen, and no one dared to do anything to her; no one would stand up to her if Jackson didn't.

Cherry didn't say anything. She knew she wouldn't be able to change Jackson's mind.

Jackson hugged Cherry tighter, "In the future, tell me immediately when something happens, okay?"

"Okay, I will, " nodded Cherry. She buried her face in Jackson's chest, listening to his steady heartbeat and breathing him in. She wouldn't fear anything the world threw at her with this man at her side. She could face the future bravely.

In the morning, no alarms blared to Cherry and Jackson, they slept till the light filtering into their room and their internal clock woke them. When they finally got up and headed downstairs, Joe was playing with his toys in the living room, and it looked like he had dragged all them from his room. Cherry was surprised and asked, "Joe, how long ago did you get up?"

"Oh, I got up a long time ago. I was up early. You and Daddy were still asleep, and I didn't wanna wake you, so, I just came down here to play, " Joe didn't look up as he spoke, he kept playing his game.

"It's the weekend; why didn't you sleep in?" Cherry asked as she walked up to her son.

"I got to sleep so early last night. So, this morning I couldn't stay asl

king online for a piano teacher when I came across your information, so I came to ask if you would tutor him, " said Cherry.

"Well, all of our tutors are posted online, and some parents can hire private tutors, " said Amy.

"Amy, please? Come to teach my son piano. Whatever your salary is, don't worry, I will pay the school rates, " said Cherry quickly.

"Oh, Cherry, don't say what. We are good friends. You helped me so much in high school. I never had a chance to thank you for that. Why are you treating me like a stranger now?" said Amy embarrassed, "This is what I can do. I will take you to the head of the new enrollment billing department, and they will charge you. It's so rare to see a child who loves to learn to play the piano, so, I will give your son an extra half hour session every time."

"Okay, that sounds great Amy! I am so glad I came to see you, " said Cherry happily.

"Me, too, " said Amy, "Oh, where are you working now?"

"I work in my brother Wilson's company, the H King Group, " said Cherry.

"Wilson's company? I remember back in high school you telling me your brother, Wilson, treated you very well, " Amy shared with Cherry. She also recalled Cherry's life in the Shen family was not good and aside from her brother, the only person who treated her well was her best friend, Emily. But she heard a few years ago, while attending the class reunion, that something had happened to Emily.

"Yes, my brother has always been good to me. He's going to be married soon, " Cherry gushed, taking Amy's hands excitedly.

"Really? That's wonderful! Congratulations, I wish him all the best, " said Amy.

"Thank you, Amy, " said Cherry, "How about you? How're things for you?"

"My life is what you see, " said Amy, "I teach children, take classes at college and live alone."

"You don't have a boyfriend?" Cherry asked.

There was a sad smile on Amy's face as she shook her head, "No, no, I haven't met my prince charming, yet."

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