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   Chapter 434 Forced To Leave (Part One)

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Cherry took Joe shopping that afternoon.

She picked the latest styles for her son at the mall, which made Joe very happy. He ran around excitedly, tugging at his Mommy's hand.

Two hours later, Cherry was ladened with several shopping bags, filled with the clothes they bought, and holding her son's hand, Cherry asked, "Joe, what do you want to do next?"

"Mommy, let's go to the amusement park! I want to drive the bumper cars!" Joe said joyfully.

"You want to do that? But, I don't like the bumper cars, " replied Cherry, she thought the bumper cars unsuitable for her to ride. If only Jackson were there, he could ride with Joe, and she could just watch from the sidelines while they had fun.

"But Mommy, I really want to ride them, " implored Joe as he made his most adorable faces to get his Mother to agree.

Watching Joe's cute faces, Cherry finally nodded and agreed that they would go to the amusement park.

"Yeah! Let's take the escalator there, " Joe said smiling.


They were walking along, talking, and smiling in a good mood.

They slowed their gait, coming to a stop when they saw Lucia.

She was holding a handbag as she stood in front of Cherry and Joe.

"Hello Lucia, are you here shopping too?" asked Cherry trying to show respect. After all, as Jackson's elder sister, Lucia was her sister-in-law, and Cherry couldn't be impolite to elder relatives.

"What idiocy! What else would I be doing standing in front of you at the mall?" retorted Lucia acidly as she looked Cherry up and down and glanced at Joe from time to time. She continued, "You are frittering Jackson's money away! You are nothing more than a shameless gold digger!"

"Hey! You can't talk to my Mommy that way!" Jo

w. That woman was always so mean to his Mommy. Her showing up at the mall destroyed their great day together, and neither wanted to go to the amusement park anymore.

They got to the car and Cherry put the shopping bags in, and then they got in and drove home.

Lily didn't expect Cherry and Joe to be back so early, and when she saw them, she felt a little strange and walked towards them in a hurry.

"Mrs. Cherry, Mr. Joe, welcome home. You are so early today." Lily greeted them respectfully.

"We came home early because we got tuckered out, " said Cherry slowly, her tone held bleak undercurrents.

Lily knew from Cherry's mannerisms that something happened. She looked over at Joe and noticed he looked troubled.

"Mommy, I am going upstairs, " said Joe in a low voice as he headed to the stairs.

Cherry didn't say anything; she just watched Joe as he walked away.

Lily's facial expression denoted her concern as she asked, "Mrs. Cherry, is everything alright? Did something happen while you were out? Why does Mr. Joe look so bummed out?"

"Nothing happened, " Cherry responded simply before asking, "Has Mr. Jackson returned yet?"

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