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   Chapter 432 Looking Forward To A Daughter (Part Two)

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Elsa held Cherry's hand and gently said to Jackson, "Jackson, you will be busy with work, but I hope you spend some time with Cherry and Joe and too. Don't prioritize work over family."

Jackson nodded his head and replied, "Yes, I will." He understood Elsa's meaning. In his heart, Cherry and Joe were his whole world, so even if he was busy, he would still care about them.

Cherry said with concern, "Mom, you don't need to worry about us. We are quite good. You and Uncle should take care of yourselves. My brother is quite busy and you should often go out on walks."

Elsa replied, "Don't worry. Your Uncle and I can take good care of ourselves, you young people needn't worry about us. You should take care of your own business. As long as your life is good, we will feel satisfied. Like they say, a parent is only as happy as their least happy child."

Jacob also nodded and said, "Yes, now that Wilson has found himself such a loveable girlfriend and we've met her, all our worries have disappeared. All I want now is a grandchild."

At this moment, Joe, who was watching cartoons, suddenly approached his Grandpa, held his arm and said, "Grandpa, if you don't want to wait anymore, you can pin your hope on my Mommy. My Daddy has promised me a little sister to play with."

Joe's words astonished everyone present. Jacob and Elsa watched Cherry and Jackson in surprise.

Cherry angrily warned, "Joe, behave yourself. Don't talk nonsense in front of elders!" She was mad because Joe always ended up saying inappropriate things that got her in trouble.

Jackson laughed but chose to remain silent.

Jacob happily said, "That's a good thing. More kids mean more fun. I've always thought that no kid should ever be a lonely child."

Elsa also smiled and said, "Cherry, it's great to have

wanted to take his son's views into consideration and he hoped that his son could learn based on his own interests.

Cherry said, "Okay, I'll ask him some time."

Jackson suddenly asked, "If we have a daughter, will you still love Joe so much?" He didn't know why this question had popped up but it had been worrying him for a while.

Cherry replied, "Of course. But people always say that a daughter is the apple of a father's eye. So the question is, will you love our daughter more than Joe?"

Jackson replied, "Maybe. If our daughter is cute and beautiful, I might love her more than Joe." With these words, he couldn't help bursting into laughter.

Cherry said, "Jackson, it seems that you'll love a beautiful daughter more than you love me." She pretended to get a little jealous.

Jackson said, "Honey, of course you're beautiful, too. If we have a daughter, she will be a part of me and you so I will love her a lot. But, I'll still love you best."

Cherry was satisfied by his assurance and said, "That's sweet. I'm not worried any longer."

Jackson said, "Anyway, we don't need to talk about this anymore. The only thing we need to do is to have a daughter as soon as possible."

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