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   Chapter 431 Looking Forward To A Daughter (Part One)

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After a long drive made worse by the intense traffic jams, they reached the huge, daunting gates of Wilson's house. They saw Joe dashing towards them with an ecstatic smile on his face. Cherry got overjoyed on seeing her son and rushed out of the car.

Joe happily called, "Mommy, there you are! I'm so glad you finally reached."

"Yes, here I am, " replied Cherry with a smile on her face, clutching her son's hand. Until that moment of reunion, Cherry had not known that she would ever experience such immense joy on meeting another human.

As they walked towards the palatial house, they saw Wilson approaching them.

He greeted them, "Hello, Cherry and Jackson, here you are."

Cherry replied, "Hi, Wilson. I bought a lot of things for Mother and Uncle. Let's take them inside." As she finished, Jackson began to take out things from the car.

Wilson said, "You don't need to buy so many things next time. We don't need anything else here."

Cherry replied, "It's not a big deal, don't worry about it. I bought these things while I went shopping with Jackson."

Watching his Daddy doing all the heavy lifting, Joe suddenly wanted to help him with something. He asked, "Daddy, can you give me this small bag? I can carry it into the house."

Feeling proud that his son wanted to burden some responsibility, Jackson said "Okay, here you go." and gave the bag to his son.

Joe bounded and skipped into the house with the bag.

When Cherry and Jackson walked into the living room, they saw Elsa happily hold Selina's hand.

Cherry smiled and said, "Uncle, Mommy, we're back!" She was overjoyed to see them look so cozy together.

Jackson also politely greeted them, "Hello, Uncle, Aunt."

Selina extended her arms and said with a warm smile, "Jackson, Cherry, it's wonderful to see you. It's been a while since we had the whole family together."

Cherry smiled in return and then put all the things on the table. She walked to S

about it. Then, we will be able to quickly hold the wedding. We just got excited and carried away in the moment."

Elsa also nodded her head and said, "I really hope that Selina will marry you soon."

At this moment, Joe suddenly showed up and said, "Grandma, Grandpa, let my uncle and Selina get married quickly. I want to eat their wedding cake and receive red envelopes full of money." Then he looked at everyone sitting at the table and said, "All of you should give me a red envelope at their wedding."

Cherry called her son, "Joe, you..." and was going to admonish him. She didn't imagine that her son would ever say such a thing in such an atmosphere. She was astonished, looked at her son and didn't know what to say.

Jacob laughed and said, "Ha, ha, don't worry, I'll give you a big red envelope from which you can buy loads of toys."

Joe replied, "Great!" Then he clung to his Mommy and felt very happy.

They finished their meal in between laughter and happiness. After the dinner, Wilson sent Selina home while Cherry and Jackson were sitting in the living room and talking to Jacob and Elsa.

Jacob asked hesitantly, "Jackson, is everything okay with the JC Group?"

Jackson replied, "Yes, the business is doing well. Everything is fine and all clubs are running well."

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