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   Chapter 430 Gathering In The Yuwen Family (Part Two)

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Jackson held Cherry's face in his hands, forcing her to look at him. He thought that close contact was the only way Cherry would believe what he was going to say.

"Baby, I know what you are worrying about. But we have been through a lot with each other, and we have our lovely boy Joe now. You have to trust me. Don't you believe my love for you?" said Jackson, with as much seriousness as he could muster.

"No, Jackson, I trust you with all my heart but, " Cherry couldn't calm herself down.

"Then there will be no 'but'. Trust me, it's you, you are the only person I love and need in my life, " reiterated Jackson firmly.

Looking into Jackson's eyes, Cherry finally let go of her misgivings and nodded to him. It was hard for her to trust another man after being cheated on. She felt like she was constantly looking for signs that Jackson was either going to cheat on or leave her.

Jackson held Cherry in his arms tightly, uttered, "Don't think about nonsense anymore. Let's keep our previous life going on. Our whole family, Joe, you and I live together, along with Lily and Bill."

"Okay, " said Cherry, who now seemed placated.

Much later, Cherry seemed to remember something. She suddenly pushed Jackson away and said, "Oh, I forgot, I had a thing to tell you just now."

"What was it? Is it something important?" asked Jackson.

"My Brother will take Selina back home to have dinner and make her meet my Mother and Uncle. They told me that they hoped we would go back too. My Brother will pick up Joe after work so that we two can directly return, " answered Cherry. She had nearly forgotten to mention this crucial event.

Jackson thought for a while and replied, "I have nothing to do tonight, so we might as well go."

"Fine. Then I will call my

ldish voice came from the phone.

"Joe, why do you have your Uncle's phone in your hand?" asked Cherry.

"Oh, forget it, " answered Joe, impatiently. "When will you arrive with my Daddy? We have been waiting you for so long."

"We are on the road now, so just wait a little longer, " Cherry consoled. "By the way, what are your Uncle Wilson and Auntie Selina doing now?"

"Both of them are chatting in the living room now. Grandma no longer loves me now. She holds Auntie Selina's hands and smiles at her so happily while paying no attention to me. Mommy, I have lost my Grandma's love, " complained Joe to Cherry.

Joe's words made Cherry burst into laughter then she said, "Joe, do you forget that you still have Daddy and Mommy with you? You should try to make your Grandma and Auntie Selina talk longer, only this way can your Auntie Selina be your Aunt."

"Really? then I decide to give up my Grandma to Auntie Selina, " replied Joe.

"You naughty boy, " Cherry couldn't do anything with her sweetheart. "That's fine, just wait for us at home. Your Daddy and I will come soon."

"Okay, I will be waiting at the door to receive you, " said Joe and hung up the phone.

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