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   Chapter 429 Gathering In The Yuwen Family (Part One)

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In the afternoon, as Cherry walked out of the H King Building, she spotted Jackson's car parked in the lot so she walked to him and sat into the car.

"Why do you come downstairs so late?" asked Jackson impatiently, while starting the powerful engine of his automobile.

"Are you serious? I came downstairs as soon as you called to say that you had reached the company, " replied Cherry somewhat angrily, as well. She hadn't made him wait for very long. Why did he get unpleasant at every small incident that occurred?

"Did Wilson stop you on your way out?" asked Jackson.

"Why on earth would he stop me? He cannot stop me from meeting my own husband, " responded Cherry.

A smile touched the corners of Jackson's lips as he began to cool down. He took one look at Cherry and then kept on driving, "That's more like it, my woman's the boss."

"Darling, when do you think I'm not like the boss?" Cherry suddenly asked in a pretty tender voice, but she was prepared to change her countenance and get angry in the next minute.

"When we go to bed and you don't listen to my words, " answered Jackson without thought, grinning on the inside, knowing he was going to touch a nerve.

"Jackson, I dare you to say one more sentence, " Cherry raged, glaring at Jackson's profile. This man was always restless?at night, leaving her no chance to resist him. Instead of admitting his mistakes, he was accusing her of not listening to him at all.

Jackson's lips turned upwards lazily in a barely perceptible smile, while he remained silent and not responding to Cherry.

"Jackson, honey, you are going to sleep on the couch tonight, " said Cherry in a dangerously sweet voice, pretending she was angry, "Why would I do that? Don't get angry. You know you'll miss me in that huge bed of ours, " grovelled Jackson, immediately.

"If you won't leave our room, I will!" Finishing her speech off with a triumphant flourish, Cherry averted her sight from Jackson to the scenery outside her window.

"Do you really think I will let you slip through my grasp?" asked Jackson, grinning. How could he allow his woman to leave him? Cherry was the only thing in his life that mattered, apart from their child. He wished she could be by his side at all times.

Cherry opted to give Jackson the silent tr

ng it to him.

"Do you miss Emily? Or is it something else?" asked Jackson cautiously, afraid of treading on the wound in Cherry's heart.

But Cherry remained silent with her mouth closed shut.

"Baby, I haven't made any big changes to the bar because I want to do as you wish. This place holds too many memories of Emily and I know she is so important in your heart. Don't miss her too much. So many years have passed, just keep Emily in your memory and live happily now, okay?" whispered Jackson to Cherry gently.

Cherry suddenly turned her sight to Jackson and said in a soft voice, "Jackson, I not only miss Emily but also feel worried about you. In such an environment, you have so many beautiful girls around. I'm afraid that..."

Before Cherry finished her words, the girl called Susan appeared in her mind again, which made her heart beat faster with anxiety. If every girl that worked in the bar was as pretty and nice as her, who knows what Jackson would fall for? She was not just worried about whether her husband could control himself but also if she was enough for him. Jackson was widely regarded as a handsome man. His temperament and his looks made him a very attractive man. Innumerable girls threw themselves at him constantly. What if he decided that one of them was better than her? She was his wife, so how could Cherry not feel vulnerable and insecure about it? She loved him. Jackson was the one thing she cherished completely in her heart. Cherry always believed that Jackson was her entire world.

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