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   Chapter 428 Changes For You

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Jackson held Cherry consoling her. "There, there, it's okay. He'll find what makes him happy and have a better life, " swore Jackson.

"Yes, I know, " Cherry's voice was filled with sadness as she agreed, "It's just, I was remembering when he saw me off five years ago. The look on his face, his anxiety; I remember it like it was yesterday. I'll never forget, no matter how long I live. I appreciate his friendship."

Cherry's words touched Jackson's heart. While they were talking, Stephen disappeared in the crowded airport terminal.

"Baby, in fact, he..." Before Jackson finished his thought, Cherry interrupted.

"I know, " Cherry said, "It's obvious he had a purpose for coming around when we first met. Though I knew nothing about your relationship at the time, I could guess from how worried you got every time you saw us together. I wondered if I should be mad at him because of that, but after I reflected on it, I realized he never did anything bad to me, instead, he always lent me a hand when I needed help. At least, that's all I've seen."

Cherry's voice echoed.

"So I decided to keep my friendship with him. Since he had been a genuine friend to me, I should be a true friend to him. As for the affairs between you and Stephen, I no longer desire to know them, " continued Cherry, "Fortunately, things turned out much better. You guys have established a good relationship and we are good friends now. There will be no shady purpose among us."

"Yes, Stephen is a cherished friend, " said Jackson firmly.

Listening intently to the conversation his parents were having, Joe called out, "Mommy."

Cherry reached out to hold Joe as she answered, "Yes, Joe."

"Daddy, Mommy, let's live happily, " said Joe.

"Yes, let's live happily, " Cherry repeated and added, "come on, let's go home."

"Okay, " agreed Joe.

The three left the airport walking hand in hand.

A week later.

Cherry got to the H King Group in the morning on time. She sat down and opened the computer to browse the news on the web. The headline read that JC Group was the biggest entertainment club, with Jackson prominently listed as the owner.

Cherry picked up the phone and dialed Jackson.

"Hey Babe, " said Jackson's voice from the other end of the phone.

"Are you at your office already?" asked Cherry.

"Yes, I am at work. What are you up to?" Jackson asked.

"I'm reading the news online. The JC Group is still in the headlines, " Cherry told Jackson.

"Don't read those; their articles are just static noise. If there's anything you want to know about the JC Group just come here, and let me show you around, " responded Jackson.

"Okay, I will when I'm free. It seems like a long time since I was at the bar last." recalling the bar, Cherry was curious to see how Jackson transformed since she was there last.

"All right, do you want me to pick you up this afternoon so you can come have a look? As you requested, I renovated all the other bars, but, I didn't make any drastic alterations to this one, " said Jackson.

"I shouldn't have much work this afternoon, so that should be

it almost impossible to remain calm and steady.

"I need to double check with Jackson, but it should be okay. We should be free though, " Cherry said, unable to fully commit without Jackson's opinion first.

"All right, please, you must come too, " said Selina and thinking, 'I won't be so nervous with my Sister and Jackson there too.'

"Cherry, it's been so long since you home with the family. So why not come home tonight? I know Father and Aunt Elsa miss Joe too, " Wilson added.

Cherry nodded, "Okay, I will go as long as there isn't anything else pressing for me to do."

"Fine, then Selina and I will pick Joe up after school this afternoon. From there we will go home, and you can come with Jackson, " said Wilson.

Cherry answered, "Okay, it just so happens Jackson is picking me up to have a look at the bar this afternoon."

"Oh Cherry, you need to see it! Many branches were changed a lot, but the one Jackson are at was only renovated with the simplest embellishments, " said Selina excitedly.

"Well, he can do what he wants, " Cherry said nodding. Jackson was so busy immersed in establishing the JC Group that Cherry didn't have a chance to talk to him much. It delighted Cherry though to hear Jackson did what she'd asked and kept the bar as it was before, and giving her a place to remember Emily. Now that Stephen was gone, the bar would also bring memories of him when Cherry was there. She would always be able to recall these two kind people who once brought light into her life.

Wilson nodded agreeing, "I'm quite impressed with Jackson's attitude and style of managing things. He considers everything when he intends on taking action. Furthermore, he brings his principles and rational thinking with him. I find that more difficult for me to achieve."

"I agree. I admire Jackson's abilities a great deal, " replied Selina as she averted her eyes looking at Cherry, "But, Sister, he's been influenced by you and has made changes in how he approaches things, for you." Selina added.

Cherry smiled slightly while speaking no words.

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