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   Chapter 422 The Meeting Of Two (Part One)

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Jackson tightened his arms around Cherry holding her closer as he cooed softly, "Everything will be fine, Babe, have faith in me and don't worry."

Cherry nodded, and was somewhat relieved, feeling his arms hugging her, and hearing his gentle voice, but, deep in her heart, there was still a niggling fear.

While Jackson was gazing at Cherry's face he had a thought, "I want to discuss something with you."

"What's up?" asked Cherry.

"I'd like it if Lily and Bill came and stayed at the villa to help out. So you wouldn't need to overwork. Lily can help with breakfast in the morning, and when you're busy, Bill can drive Joe to school, " Jackson suggested tenderly. Jackson loved Cherry, and it was distressing seeing her exhausted from working so hard. He couldn't imagine how difficult life was while she and Joe were alone living abroad. He knew her personality; she was as strong and stubborn as she was gentle and caring. Even though she had the Yuwen household around her back then, she wouldn't have asked for help. Now, she was home with him again, and he would do his best to provide a better life for her and protect her.

"What about your home at the military residential compound? That home needs maintaining too, so that it doesn't become rundown. When we go back it's filled with warm memories of Grandpa, " said Cherry worried.

"You don't need to worry about that. Bill or Lily will return occasionally, " replied Jackson.

Cherry added her two cents after mulling it over, "Well, it sounds like a good idea."

Jackson smiled, "Good, then I'll ask them to be here tomorrow, and things will be easier for you."

"Okay, sounds good."

The following morning, Cherry was up early to make a simple, but, delicious breakfast for her little family.

They just sat down to breakfa

ehalf. He wondered why Stephen would come up with such a request.

"Where?" Jackson spit out.

"I've made arrangements for you to meet at the café. If you leave now, I'll contact Stephen and give him the address."

"Got it." Jackson said and hung up.

He grabbed the car keys and left the villa.

As Jackson drove, he couldn't stop wondering why the hell Stephen wanted to meet him. He didn't understand what Stephen was up to. Stephen chose to transfer all his entertainment assets over to Jackson, so why did he want to speak with him in person. There was nothing for them to discuss, except possibly what happened years ago or the ownership of Cherry.

When Jackson got to the café, a waiter showed him to a private room where Stephen was already waiting.

"Please, join me. Have a seat, " Stephen invited as he sat down.

Jackson sat in the seat across the table.

"You should be aware that Derek is my representative, and as such, he can make decisions for me. Why did you need this meeting with me?" Jackson jumped right into the topic on his mind, and asked in a cold manner.

"Haha…" Stephen chuckled, gazing at Jackson, "I think some things I'd prefer to say to you in person."

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