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   Chapter 417 A Gifted Boy (Part Two)

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Joe then quickly nodded, and said, "Okay. Thank you, Aunt Selina."

"Never mind about it! Let's go now, Aunt Selina will walk you downstairs, " said Selina with a smile on her lips.

She then took Joe's hand, went downstairs together with him, and asked one of the drivers to take Joe back to his school.

After the car disappeared from sight, Selina went back into the JS Building and continued her work.

Joe got out of the car and then saw it drive away. He stopped in front of the school's gate and thought that he wasn't in the mood to go back to his classes.

Joe then suddenly thought of Jean, who had referred to herself as his Aunt, and who, according to his investigations, also knew Mond. She had to know something about Mond, and he decided that he would find out everything by himself, since there was no one willing to tell him anything about this mysterious character.

Joe then took out his phone out of his pocket and dialled Jean's number.

Jean's voice soon came from the other end of the line, "Hello, this is Jean speaking."

"Aunt, it's Joe, " replied Joe in a lovely tone.

"Joe?" asked Jean surprised.

Joe smiled through the phone, and said, "Yes, it's me. Aunt, I don't want to go to class now, so I asked for leave, but I don't dare to tell my Daddy or Mommy about it. Could you stay with me for a while? I also want to eat something now."

Hearing the child's lovely voice ringing in her ear, Jean didn't know what she could do except to agree with his wish. She then hastily replied, "Okay, okay, where are you now?"

"I'm in front of the school's gate, " replied Joe.

"You just stand there and don't move, I will come to pick you up, okay?" asked Jean in a hurry.

"Ok, Auntie, I'll wait for you

his son.

"Don't worry about them. These two men were bribed to serve me, and they won't tell my Daddy that you're with me. Maybe they follow me just because that they're worried about my safety."

"Joe, you..." Jean was somewhat surprised by the little kid's intelligence. How could he understand all of these things at such a young age? What's more, she had never expected that he was able to bribe Jackson's men.

"They saw us when we ate together last time, and I struck a deal with them, so they will not tell my Daddy this time either. Besides, you're my Aunt! Why can't I meet with you? If they dare to tell my Daddy about this, I'll make my Daddy fire them. I think that my Daddy will trust my words rather than theirs, don't you think, Auntie?" proudly said Joe.

After she heard what Joe said, Jean looked at him again and suddenly smiled. She hadn't realized before that the boy was so cute and intelligent.

"Joe, you're pretty clever, " said Jean with a smile on her lips.

"That's true! I'm a gifted boy!" cried Joe.

Jean smiled, but somehow felt hurt deep down in her heart. If she would've had a boy, would he had been as cute as Joe?

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