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   Chapter 416 A Gifted Boy (Part One)

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At the elite preschool, Joe was sitting in his classroom reading his comic book. It was an extra curricular activity class, and all of the students had a free choice in what they wanted to do. Most of the children were playing out on the playground, and just a few of them remained in the classroom.

"Joe! Joe! Something bad is happening!" suddenly cried Mike as he ran inside the classroom followed by Anna.

Joe looked up from his comic book and saw that Mike was running towards him. He asked him, "What happened? What's the emergency?"

Anna hastily replied, "Joe, have you read the news today? The JS Group is in big trouble."

"Yeah, and the JS Group's sponsor is your Dad. Do you think that your Dad is in danger?" asked Mike.

"What's going on?" asked Joe confusedly. Why wasn't he aware of such important news?

"You'd better read the news first, " said Anna.

Joe then immediately took out his iPad from his schoolbag. After he powered it and turned on the wi-fi, the headline news that popped on the screen shocked him.

Joe tapped on the page and seriously looked at the news report.

After Mike thought that Joe had finished reading it, he carefully asked, "Joe, what should we do now?"

Joe looked up from the tablet and stared blankly ahead of him. He then seriously said, "Aunt Selina must be in big trouble now! The ZM Group is certainly aiming at my Daddy and Aunt Selina."

"Maybe they are; I heard from my Dad that Mond, the Executive President of the ZM Group, is a real badass, " said Anna.

Joe then suddenly stood up from his desk, and said to Mike, "Can you help me ask for a leave from my teacher? I'm going to the JS Group right now."

"Joe, can you do it alone? Do you want us to go with you?" asked Anna.

"No, there's no need for you to come with me. I'll go alone, " said Joe. He then quickly grabbed his schoolbag and ran out of the classroom.

im before and I don't think that he's a bad guy. He looks like my Dad, and also seems cold."

"Joe, these are affairs that concern only us adults; you're too young to understand any of them. There's always a competition in the business circles, and as long as there are interests involved, there will always be people who will either fail or succeed in achieving them, " said Selina, but she actually didn't want Joe to understand any of it. He was just a child, and he didn't have to know so much about the cruel reality that was around him. He just had to live a happy childhood.

Joe listened what Selina said to him, and in his heart more or less understood what she actually meant. He then didn't say anything else to her.

Selina looked at Joe, and softly said, "Joe, I will ask someone to send you back to school, okay? Everything's all right here with Aunt Selina and your Daddy, and you don't need to worry about us. You just need to go back to school and stay in your classes, or else your Mommy will be angry if she knows that you're skipping school."

Joe was somewhat afraid when he heard Selina mention about his Mommy. She was indeed right when she said that his Mommy would be angry if she knew that he had left school in the middle of the day.

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