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   Chapter 415 Change In The Plan (Part Two)

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Stephen continued, "But I think that you haven't noticed something. Jean's hatred for Jackson and Cherry isn't as profound as you've thought it was, and her hatred for Cherry is slowly declining. How could you hope that such a woman could help you achieve your ultimate goal?"

"That's none of your business!" furiously snapped Mond.

Looking at Mond, Stephen replied with a sardonic laughter, "Oh, oh, Mond, Jean has suffered a lot just because one wrong move. Let her go and stop your revenge at a proper time."

"That's impossible! I will never forsake my revenge after I have managed to arrive so far with my plans over the years, " swore Mond.

"Even if you eventually succeed, what will you get out of it?" asked Stephen.

Mond was silent again.

He had always been clearly aware that whether his revenge would a success or a failure he would get nothing out of it. The dead couldn't return, and what more could he wish for except for that?

But Mond suddenly said, "What if I get Cherry? Would that be something?"

It was now Stephen's turn to be shocked. He fixed his eyes on Mond's profile in surprise, and couldn't believe his ears what Mond had just said to him.

Mond also slowly turned to Stephen to look at him.

"Is Cherry your goal then?" asked Stephen, stunned.

"You ought to have known about that earlier, " said Mond coldly, with a fierce look on his face. He was able to express his true feelings only in front of Stephen.

Stephen shook his head to show his doubt to Mond's words. He said, "I actually checked it out, but I'm not sure why you want to get Cherry. Is it just because of your love for her, or your

u for a long time already, so it's time for you to leave now, " said Mond.

"Aren't you afraid that I'll blow the gaff on your spiteful plan for revenge?" threatened Sally.

Mond's black eyes suddenly started to flash with bitter hate. He said, "Go and do it, if you can. We'll see whether your story or mine is more interesting."

"Mond, you're a devil!" cried Sally as she stared at him fiercely.

"Sally, never try to go against me, or you may end up in a worse situation, " concluded Mond, and then stood up, and left.

Mond's attitude and abandonment made Sally feel quite unsatisfied. She asked Stephen, "What's the matter with him all of a sudden?"

Stephen looked at Mond's back, and replied, "Maybe some things should be ended. Mond isn't as determined as he was before, and I think that he might change his mind."

"Do you think he's actually going to set aside his resentments?" doubted Sally.

Stephen shook his head, and replied, "I really don't know."

Jean looked at Sally and then at Stephen, and she could feel that their yearning for revenge had also become weaker.

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