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   Chapter 414 Change In The Plan (Part One)

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"For the moment, there's no need to do that, " said Jackson. "Don't bother them unless we have no other way. We're supposed to ask for their help only when we can't solve the problem on our own."

Selina nodded and then showed her agreement to Jackson. She did everything strictly according to Jackson's orders.

Jackson then continued to say, "Selina, now please coordinate all the departments, all except for the sales department, to ensure that all tasks are carried out normally. Minimize any damages."

"Okay, I know what to do, " answered Selina.

"One more thing, " added Jackson, "By the end of today, all of the sales department staff members have to calm themselves down and provide me with accurate statistical data on both the customers that we lost, and the customers that we still own."

"Okay, I'll tell them, " said Selina while she seriously nodded.

Jackson then turned to Derek, and said, "Well, Derek, please go and talk with Stephen now. If everything goes well, then by tomorrow things should already be settled."

"Okay, " answered Derek, and then stood up from the sofa and walked out.

"Selina, go and inspect every department and help the Sales Department solve their problems. I have other business to deal with, " ordered Jackson.

"Okay, I'll do that right now, " answered Selina, and then she also left the office.

After Derek and Selina left, Cherry asked worried, "Jackson, do you really think there's an advisable way to deal with the current situation?"

Jackson turned to Cherry, and as he gently stroked her hair, said, "Don't worry about it, everything will be all right!"

"I'm concerned about Selina, " said Cherry. She knew that if the JS Group was ever attacked, Selina would be the one who would be under the greatest pressure. Although the JS Group belonged to Jackson, and Selina did everything according to Jackson's orders, her expression on her face still easily showed the anxiety that was slowly starting to bubble inside of her. She was a manager wit

worse is that her love for Jackson is still in her mind, and that if she hadn't come back, maybe she would have married someone that actually lover her and lived a happy life."

"Sally is supposed to live like a princess, her life shouldn't be that sort of a humdrum, " answered Mond.

"There isn't a He Family anymore, so that means that she isn't a princess anymore! Have you ever thought where she will go after the problem between you and Jackson is settled? Can you actually take good care of her for your whole life?" asked Stephen.

Mond didn't utter a word, because he had never thought about any of these details. He didn't even know whether he would be dead or still alive after the grudge between him and Jackson would be settled, let alone think about Sally's future.

When Stephen noticed that Mond was silent, he continued to say, "And as for Jean, the real reason you saved her from that unspeakable place and helped her back to China was to make her your pawn, isn't it? Do you actually want her to help you harm Jackson and Cherry?"

Mond silently listened to Stephen. He had never realized that Stephen knew him so well, and he had to admit that he was right with everything that he said. Mond had indeed helped Jean just for the sake of his revenge, because he needed her to help him conspire against the Chu Family.

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