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   Chapter 413 The Crisis Of The Group (Part Three)

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Updated: 2018-12-24 12:57

Cherry then directly took the exclusive elevator to Selina's office.

After Cherry walked out the elevator, she found that Jackson and Derek were already sitting in Selina's office.

Selina was surprised to see her there, and asked, "Cherry, why are you here?"

Jackson and Derek also turned to look at Cherry.

She then walked towards Jackson and sat down next to him. "I saw the news. How's it going? Is the JS Group okay?"

Both Jackson and Derek kept silent.

"Many of our clients called earlier today to withdraw from their partnerships with us, so the business department is now at its busiest time with negotiating." Selina clearly sounded more disappointed and less confident than she had ever been.

"How about the other departments?" asked Cherry.

"All the other departments are on schedule with routine, but the current situation will also take a toll on them soon."

Cherry turned to Jackson, and asked, "What should we do now?"

Jackson was pondering for a solution and didn't reply to Cherry's question.

"This might be all that Mond can do in such a short amount of time, " said Derek.

"He wants to cause chaos within the JS Group, so he could take his chance to tackle the JS Group, " said Selina. She was sure about this, and because she had worked so many years in the business, she was capable of seeing through Mond's scheme.

Cherry replied, "Obviously, his aim is the JS Group. The news was just released earlier this morning, but we haven't heard anything about it yet, let along the preparations that are needed."

Jackson was still silent.

"Even if we wanted to stop him right now

d idea! We have to remind Mond that we'll fight against him no matter what, and that he can't just walk away as if nothing happened after he attacks us! If Stephen gets hurt, Mond will have to think twice before undertaking his next action."

Jackson knew that they all realized the reason behind his plan, so he decided to stop talking about it. Instead, he turned to Derek, and said, "Go and do it now with Bobby. Bobby is on behalf of Eric and Jonson, and his appearance will leave Stephen no room to resist."

"Okay, " said Derek. "Indeed, if Bobby is with me, Stephen will realize that he will pay a high price for his resistance, which means that he has to fight against two of the biggest shots in the city."

Selina analyzed, and said, "If we have Bobby do this, everything will be solved, and therefore, we won't have to worry no more."

Jackson then changed the conversation to another topic, and said, "Now, there is only one problem left: the problem within the JS Group."

"What should we do? Jackson, should I ask for help from our overseas friends?" asked Selina.

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