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   Chapter 412 The Crisis Of The Group (Part One)

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Cherry took Joe's hand, and walked downstairs with her son as she noticed that the breakfast had already been placed on the dining table.

Joe cheerfully ran to Jackson and asked, "Daddy, is breakfast ready?"

"Of course it is! Just sit down and enjoy it, " replied Jackson with a smile on his face.

"Great!" said Joe, and then ran to the dining table.

Cherry then went into the kitchen and saw Jackson having his workload done. Touched by his consideration, Cherry flung her arms around Jackson's neck, and while giggling, said, "Thank you, my dear."

"Thank me for what? Last night, or this morning?" said Jackson, as he cheekily grinned at his wife.

Cherry halted her smile and faked an angry expression on her face. "Badass!" she said.

"All right, all right, go and have breakfast now, " said Jackson, and then kissed Cherry's face.

Cherry nodded.

At the same time, they heard Joe's voice.

He raised his voice to make his parents in the kitchen hear him, and said, "Mommy, Daddy, come and eat breakfast with me! I don't want to see any inappropriate scene so early in the morning!"

Hearing Joe, Cherry and Jackson shared a tacit look with each other.

"Joe is really smart!" said Cherry. Jackson smiled quietly.

The family then cheerfully had breakfast together. After that, Jackson saw Cherry and Joe off and then went back into the villa.

Jackson was standing in the dining room feeling morose, afraid that he could no longer protect Cherry and Joe, the only people that were his family and that made him feel beatific. The lost token's power was beyond Jackson, so despite his sincere wish, he was still

na. Although Jackson was the actual owner of the JS Group, Selina was holding its executive power, and therefore both Jackson and Selina had to be responsible if there ever was a business war between the JS Group and the ZM Group.

Cherry became less worried when she remembered that Selina, who had been instructed by Jackson, had developed an overseas business. Cherry thought that even if Mond gained all of their clients, he might still be beaten by Selina in the long run, because Cherry thought that Selina was more capable.

Cherry suddenly stood up and turned to Wilson. "Wilson, I have to go to the JS Building and see how they deal with it, so please help me with my work for today."

"Okay, just go then, and if anything urgent happens, call me; I'll be right here."

Cherry nodded and then quickly left.

Cherry drove to the JS Building, parked her car, and then went inside. When she walked inside the lobby on the first floor, she noticed that there was a different ambiance, that the employees were walking faster, and that they had anxiety written all over their faces.

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