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   Chapter 410 To Fulfill Our Son's Wish (Part One)

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When Cherry returned in the bedroom, she found Jackson sitting on the bed and reading a book. After he saw Cherry, Jackson put the book aside and stretched out his hands to her, waiting for Cherry to jump into his arms.

"Have you been waiting for me for a long time? Joe's just fallen asleep." asked Cherry, while she was nestling in Jackson's arms.

"It's okay. No matter how long you're gone, I'll always wait for you, " said Jackson, with love and tenderness reflected in his eyes.

"Well, can you give me some more time then? I'm going to take a shower, okay?" asked Cherry.

"Go right ahead, " replied Jackson.

When he saw that Cherry entered the bathroom, Jackson's heart filled with happiness, because he was satisfied with the life that he was spending with her. At that moment, he wasn't thinking about anyone or anything else except for his woman. He felt that nobody or nothing from the outside could ever darken or break his mood.

Lying in bed, Jackson held Cherry's soft body tight into his arms as he usually did.

"Jackson, " suddenly called Cherry.

"Eh? What's wrong?" replied Jackson.

"What are you going to do next?" asked Cherry.

Jackson knew what Cherry actually meant by asking him this question, because she wanted to know his plans for their future life. Since he had been discharged from the army, he had to make a plan for his future.

Jackson looked up at the ceiling and said, "I think I need to deal first with the things that Grandpa left in his wake. Although we aren't lack of any money, I might also go back into business in the future."

"Business? Do you want to set up a company?" quickly asked Cherry.

"I'm not sure yet, but if I really want to set up a company, me and Derek will have to spend a lot of time and energy on it, " said Jackson. He thought that if he really wanted to get back in business, he should come up with a very good plan beforehand. Holding the title of the Chu Family's heir, he could use th

her; I hope that both of you will always be safe."

After he heard what Cherry said, Jackson's heart immediately filled with warmth.

He then held Cherry tight in his arms, and said, "Well, I'll try my best. Thank you, honey."

"By the way, you asked Selina to work on business abroad. Can you be sure one hundred percent that the JS Group will be all right if the ZM Group is targeting it?" suddenly asked Cherry.

She was somewhat worried about the JS Group, because the ZM Group had been developing rapidly in the past few years and had already achieved the strength to compete with the JS Group.

"Don't worry about it. Mond would never think that we already began to expand our business abroad, and besides, his ability to communicate abroad is certainly not as good as Selina's. He has to accept defeat on this point, " firmly replied Jackson.

Cherry nodded, and said, "That's right. After all, Selina has stayed abroad for so many years that she surely must have developed a wide range of contacts; she's also good at managing things."

"You don't need to be worried about me or the JS Group. I'll take good care of the JS's affairs with Derek, you just need to do your job well in the H King Group, okay?" softly replied Jackson. He didn't want Cherry to be sidetracked by his affairs in any way.

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