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   Chapter 408 Protect His Woman (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5744

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Jackson was relieved that Cherry wasn't upset anymore. He smiled as he gazed down lovingly at Cherry, and gently stroked her cheek. He concluded, 'I am so lucky to such a smart, considerate wife who knows me so well. She's the perfect partner and mother. Joe inherited some outstanding genes from her.'

Cherry wanted to know, "Jackson? What are you going to do to Mond?" Her eyes reflected her curiosity as well as concern.

There was a look of consternation on Jackson's face, and he furrowed his brow as he considered Cherry's question. After a short time he told her, "I don't want to hurt him."

"But Jackson, he hates you so much…!" Cherry blurted out. She couldn't understand why Jackson didn't want to hurt Mond. She wondered, 'Did Jackson do something horrible to that hurt Mond at some point?'

"Well, to be honest, if I were him, I would probably hate me too, " admitted Jackson.

His admission left Cherry with more questions than ever, and she couldn't help probing deeper, "Does Mond have reason for such a deep hatred of you?"

Jackson looked away, so Cherry couldn't see the shame or pain he felt. "Maybe." he murmured.

Derek walked in slowly, balancing four cups of coffee carefully, on a tray.

As Derek approached he quickly peeked at Cherry. On seeing she no longer looked angry, he remarked teasingly, "Well now Jackson, you appear to have a talent for knowing how to calm Cherry down quickly."

"She's my woman, of course, I do!" Jackson asserted in an overbearing manner.

Cherry knew Jackson didn't want to continue their discussion anymore, so she dropped it; fearful he would become upset.

"Derek, what have you and Jackson been doing to keep busy lately? What're your plan

can shoulder the responsibility of looking after you, " Derek sounded serious as he teased his sister. He added, "Or, is it that you don't want him to get hurt because of you?"

"You…" Selina's eyes sparked with anger, and she pursed her lip, too angry to speak. Inside though, her heart soared, and she was thrilled. Anytime she thought of Wilson; she felt complete and satisfied.

When Cherry saw that the bickering wasn't going to end, she spoke up, "Alright, enough now. Selina, don't fret. I'm sure Wilson can take care of you and will keep you safe. He has experience, and he used to watch over me, as his little sister, so, you are in capable hands. I am sure you will be fortunate and supported in the future."

Jackson, busily perusing the statements, suddenly, tossed the documents aside and wound his arms around Cherry's waist, after listening to Cherry. He said in a brutish way, "You are my woman, and I'm the only man you need guarding you. Right?"

Jackson gave Cherry a severe look. He wanted to her to always know; she was his woman, and he would keep her safe unfailingly. She would not need anyone else's protection.

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