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   Chapter 407 Protect His Woman (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6119

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Selina and Cherry had just sat down when Jackson and Derek walked through the door.

When Selina saw them, she smiled and said in a teasing manner, "Wow, you two arriving on time, this is a pleasant surprise."

Jackson ignored Selina's jabs, and headed straight to Cherry, sitting in the chair nearest her.

"We are always punctual for appointments, right Jackson?" Derek said as he sat in another nearby seat.

Cherry gazed lovingly at Jackson and in a sweet, soft voice she told him, "Wilson offered to pick Joe up at school; they should be here shortly. Do you mind if we wait here a little while?"

"No, that's fine, " Jackson said nodding as he pulled Cherry gently until she was on his lap, and snuggled in his arms.

Derek and Selina were so used to the intimate displays of attention between them, that they didn't seem to notice the lovebirds.

"Cherry, how is work going over at the H king Group? Are you familiar with things there?" asked Derek.

"Oh yes, I understand the office and workload there. If I have any questions though, Wilson is right there too, " replied Cherry smiling happily.

"It appears the H King Group will grow as well as the JS Group, " added Selina.

"Selina?" called Jackson.

"Yes? What is it?" Selina asked, giving Jackson a solemn look. She wondered what he was going to ask.

"What is going on over at the ZM Group recently?" Jackson inquired lightly.

Hearing Jackson's question, Derek and Cherry's smile vanished too, and they all looked serious. They knew Jackson actually wanted to know what Mond was up to, and not the ZM Group.

Selina responded, "There's nothing out of the ordinary. Everything is business as usual, except.…"

"Except, what?" Derek asked hurriedly.

"The relative calmness won't last long, " Selina looked at Jackson and continued with a p

shouldn't blame Jackson. He had no choice in the matter. The fewer people who knew about this, the better. Plus, at the time, Mond had turned his attention to you, so…"

Cherry's lips were pursed, and she still wouldn't say anything. When Derek finished, she lowered her head.

Jackson wanted to talk to Cherry alone, he turned, first addressing Derek, "Derek, can you get us all some coffee?" He looked at Selina after, "Can you get me the JS Group's financial statements, please, Selina? I want to look them over."

The two of them understood his intentions and headed off to the tasks assigned so Jackson could be alone with his wife.

Jackson turned to a still irate Cherry with an apologetic look on his face.

"Babe? Come on, please, don't be angry with me anymore? I wasn't hiding it from you, I wanted to protect you." cooed Jackson.

Cherry peered up into Jackson's dark, soft eyes and seeing only love and openness there, she nodded. Cherry contemplated, 'I shouldn't doubt the man in front of me; instead, I should have faith that he has my best interests at heart, and no matter what he does, there is always a good reason.'

"Well, okay then, I believe you." Cherry said accepting his apology.

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