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   Chapter 406 A Reunion (Part Two)

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Cherry adjusted herself physically and mentally. She put the meeting with Mond out of her mind, and smiled, adopting the ethos that everything was fine. When she had her mindset right, she answered the call, "Hi, Selina!"

Selina's voice came through the line, bubbling and full of delight, "Hi, Cherry, what are you up to?"

"Oh! Not much, just handling some simple documents, nothing pressing."

Selina asked Cherry, "How has your day at work been? Is it going well?"

Instead of responding to Selina's questions, Cherry joked with her, "Selina, are you asking me as Wilson's wife?"

"Oh my gosh! Of course not, Cherry! I just want to know how you are." Selina explained quickly.

"All right, I know. I'm just kidding." Cherry giggled as she talked, "I'm fine at the company. Wilson takes good care of me, and the work isn't tiring."

"As he should! After all, Jackson ordered me to inform Wilson of what would happen if you were tired out at work. He would call on Wilson."

"Really? Did he really say that?" It surprised Cherry that Jackson would do that. She thought he had been joking that night. It was unexpected that Jackson would stick to his word on this.

"Of course he did. You are more important than anyone in Jackson's world. Do you think he would just stand by if you are suffering? No! Of course not!" Selina said.

"Well, it's Wilson's company, and how he deals with it is his business. Including how he treats his staff and that means me. Jackson shouldn't meddle. If Jackson orders you again, just ignore him please. He is just being a bully." Cherry's voice was angry and waivered. Inside though she was thrilled and her heart soared. The love Jackson felt for her was a fairytale come true, and better than her imagination, because it was reality and he was her hu

!" Cherry smiled warmly as she greeted Selina.

"Hi, Cherry." Selina stood up and walked out to Cherry. She looked around the hallway, and then back to Cherry asking, "Oh! Why did you come alone?"

"Oh, so, you noticed." Cherry giggled as she took Selina's hand, "Wilson had to finish up some business, and offered to pick Joe up when he was done. That way Bill wouldn't need to go get him."

Selina nodded, "That's sensible. It's so good of Uncle Wilson to pick his little nephew up."

Cherry raised an eyebrow, "Wow! When did you become so sensible?"

Cherry chuckled cheerfully. She had noticed Selina becoming gentler lately. Was that what happened to every woman when they were in a relationship? They softened because of their partner.

"Cherry, that's such utter nonsense! I've always been sensible." Selina lowered her head blushing.

"Okay, fine. I'm only kidding." Cherry couldn't stop smiling, "Aren't Jackson and Derek here yet?"

"No, they aren't. I have no idea where they are traveling from, but, they called a little while ago to let us know they'd be here soon." complained Selina.

"Well, let's wait a few more minutes." Cherry suggested happily smiling.


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