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   Chapter 405 A Reunion (Part One)

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Mond smiled, noticing how surprised Cherry looked, "What? Did you think I was there for Andrew? No, I was looking for you at the time."

Cherry still hadn't figured out what was going on. She glared straightly ahead as she asked herself, 'What on Earth does Mond mean by that?'

Cherry suddenly turned to Mond, looking at him with a puzzled look on her face, and asked, "Why do you and Jackson hate each other so much?"

Mond found it difficult not to reveal the truth to Cherry now that she was looking at him; with that engaging puzzled expression. He shook himself mentally, reminding himself it was too early for her to know. If Cherry knew the score, the game wouldn't be fun.

"You really want to know why?" Instead of giving a response, Mond asked.

Cherry nodded vigorously, because she hadn't been able to figure it out, and she really wanted to know.

"You will. One day, you'll know." Mond said cryptically.

Cherry was too impatient to his nonsense and asked another question, "Mond, did you get close to me, just to use me as part of this vendetta you have against Jackson?"

Mond shrugged casually, as if there was no blame or guilt, "Maybe. But, it's a tactic I learned from others."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Cherry continued asking her probing questions, "No one ever befriended me, as a means to an end, like you did."

Mond chortled as he stared into Cherry's eyes, "Really? Not even Stephen?"

Cherry shot back, ardently defending him. "Stephen is my friend and helped me in the past." She knew Stephen and Jackson hated each other, but Stephen was her friend, and Cherry knew Mond was wrong; Stephen wouldn't take advantage of her like that. He had helped her many times, and never turned her down, not five

still with him, so, it seems I was wrong."

Cherry tried to hide the fact that she was becoming emotional, "I don't think that's any of your business. If there's nothing more to discuss, I think you should go now."

Cherry spun on her heel and gracefully left Mond standing there alone.

Mond didn't intend to stop Cherry this time. Instead, he stared after Cherry, ogling her curves, the way she sauntered until she was out of sight.

When Cherry got back to her office, she sat down. Thoughts of what transpired between Mond and herself persisted long after he left. She had been able to guess a lot about Mond. But she found herself wondering, what kind of person he was? Was he good, or was he a bad man? She thought he was good, but, If he was a good man, why did he keep coming after Jackson? Jackson and Mond quarreled every time they met. Then again, if he was a bad man, why had he saved Cherry? Moreover, Mond tried apologizing to Cherry for his wrongdoings. A bad guy wouldn't think anything he did was wrong.

Just then Cherry's phone rang. Cherry shook herself visibly, to get her mind off Mond. Picking up her cell, she saw it was from Selina.

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