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   Chapter 404 It Relates To You (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5704

Updated: 2018-12-22 09:54

"Hello?" said Cherry.

"Are you busy?" Mond asked Cherry with a cold tone.

"Do you have anything you want to talk with me?" replied Cherry in a hard voice. She really had no idea why Mond called her.

"Go downstairs immediately. I'm in the underground parking lot and I want to see you, " Mond ordered.

"Are you in the H King Group now?" Mond's question startled Cherry. How in the world would Mond know that she was working for the H King Group now?

"I'm still in the underground parking lot as of now, " Mond reminded Cherry.

After thinking about it, she took a deep breath and said, "You can talk with me on the phone. It's inconvenient to go where you are just to talk."

"No, you have to come here! If you will not come, I will just go look for you in your office then, " Mond threatened Cherry. "You really don't have a choice. Either you come to me, or risk letting your Brother see us together."

"Mond, you!, " Cherry was furious but couldn't take the risk. She never would have thought that this man would even have the guts to do this.

After a while, Cherry finally gave in and said, "Just wait for me, I will go downstairs soon."

"That's good, but it should be better if you just agreed when I first said it, " said Mond.

Then, Cherry hung up as she left her office.

Cherry arrived at the parking lot. She saw a car with headlights on. She knew that it was Mond's car so she walked towards the car.

As Cherry was walking towards the direction of the car, Mond got out of the car. He leaned against the car waiting for Cherry.

"Why did you want to see me? Speak quickly." Ordered Cherry.

"Haha, " Mond laughed suddenly laughed and replied, "Why are you so imp

, what do you intend to do?" "It is because of you that Grandpa has..." Cherry was stopped by Mond before she could even finish what she was saying.

"Cherry, " Mond said with conviction, "Do you honestly believe that I'm the one who oppressed your Grandfather to the point of death? No! It's you, it's you who did that!"

Puzzled by this, Cherry stared blanky at Mond. She had no idea what Mond was talking about.

"I went to your house then because I was looking for you, Cherry. I was looking for you but your Grandfather found me first. He was so frightened when he recognized my face and was seized by heart attack. It wasn't my fault. Because the person that I really went to see was you, not him." Mond explained slowly as he looked at her with a serious face.

"What?" "What did you just say?" Those words made Cherry's eyes open wide while focusing at Mond. Hearing this from Mond made her mind fall into chaos. This was because she always thought that Jackson misunderstood her. He always thought that Grandpa Andrew's death was related to her but she believed not. But after hearing what Mond said, her idea changed...

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