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   Chapter 403 It Relates To You (Part One)

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"What?" Derek looked at Jackson with great surprise.

"Actually, the problem might have started right at the beginning. Do you still remember that time he left? My Grandpa never showed any concern for him because he never asked for the Butler's whereabouts. It was possible that my Grandpa knew what the Butler was doing at that time but didn't tell anyone about it, " Jackson analyzed.

"This is all Mond's fault. Nothing would have happened to Grandpa Andrew if Mond didn't come to him that day. Then, there wouldn't be so much confusion for us too! How can we solve this problem now?", Derek said angrily as he stood up all of a sudden.

Jackson didn't say anything. But in his mind, he asked himself, "Do I really hate Mond from the bottom of my heart?" He thought about that for a while. He believed that he didn't hate Mond. Even though he believed this, he couldn't help but blame Mond for what happened to his Grandpa and the current situation Mond caused. However, his anger towards Mond had diminished as compared to when it first started.

"Please remember, Derek, only Cherry, you and I know about this. You can't let anyone else know this especially Bobby. This is because Eric will not stand by idly if he hears the news, " said Jackson as he changed the topic of their talking.

"Okay, I understand. Don't worry about it, " Derek assured. "But Jackson, what is our next step?" he added.

The H King Group

Meanwhile, Cherry was busy with her work at the office. She was buried in a pile of paperwork which she needed to read over.

Suddenly, Wilson appeared.

"Cherry, " Wilson called her name as he walked up to her.

As soon as she heard that voice, Cherry dropped what she was doing and found her Brother next to her. "Brother, you're here, " Cherry said with a smile.

"You need to rest. Don't overwork yourself Cherry, " Wilson said with concern.

"It's okay, I'm not tired, " replied Cherry. "Brother, why did you come to see me?"

At this point, Wilson sat across Cherry. He was staring at Cherry when his expression suddenly turned serious. "Cherry, there is something I want to ask you, " said Wilson.

"Well, don't wait any longer Brother, just ask me the

ng. Although my Aunt won't know of this easily, my Father is a different story. He can get a whiff of the news as he has so many business friends. It would be surprising if he doesn't at least hear anything about the news that everyone is talking about now."

Hearing what Wilson had said, Cherry agreed and said: "There really is no way we can stop these things from happening."

Because of that, Wilson assured Cherry and said, "Don't worry Cherry. I will definitely tell my Father to keep this from my Aunt when I have the time. I understand what worries you as I worry about it too."

"Thank you so much, Brother." said Cherry with a cheerful voice. She felt so relieved that her Brother was always there for her and knew just what she needed without even saying it.

This made Wilson genuinely smile saying, "That's so silly Cherry, we're siblings. That's what we ought to do. You can continue your work; I will leave you with it."

"Okay, see you brother!"

As Wilson was leaving, Cherry continued her gaze in him until he was really out. She sat on her chair, not only worried about Jackson's current situation, but also tried to figure out ways to deal with the problems Jackson was facing. She was worried sick as all she could think about was Jackson.

Then, out of nowhere, Cherry's phone rang. She picked up her phone and was surprised to see that Mond is calling her.

The phone continued to ring until Cherry finally decided to answer it.

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