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   Chapter 402 Speculations (Part Two)

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Jackson said, "Then stay there and I'll go see you. Call Bobby, and ask him to join us at your apartment."

Derek answered, "Okay, I got it."

Jackson hanged up and drove towards Derek's apartment.

Within half an hour, Jackson arrived and walked into Derek's apartment. Bobby arrived earlier and was already making himself at home. He was having his morning coffee, courtesy of Derek's pantry.

When Bobby saw Jackson coming, he greeted, "Hello, Mr. Jackson. Would you like some coffee too?" he asked.

"Everyone please, let's all have a seat, " Jackson ordered. He then walked towards the living room and sat down on a sofa.

Derek and Bobby followed his example, each selected their own chair and sat down with him. It was an informal yet urgent meeting.

Derek asked, "What's the matter? Why the urgency? Is anything wrong?" Derek added to his question. It was unusual for Jackson to call so early in the morning, so he presumed that something serious must have happened.

Jackson nodded as a reply to his question. Then he looked at Bobby and asked, "Any news about the butler?"

Bobby shook his head and answered, " No, not yet. Our people are still looking for him."

Hearing this, Jackson stayed quiet and thought.

Derek and Bobby looked at each. Both were puzzled but remained silent as well. They wondered why Jackson asked about the butler and what the connection of butler with what was presently happening was.

Derek did not like being kept in the dark, asked, "Jackson, what happened?" He needed to know what happened, all the details. He thought, 'How the hell could I help Jackson if I have no idea with what is going on?' He knew that Jackson was in a mess. He has a lot of issues and people to deal with. Derek, being his trusted friend was eager to lift some of the weight off of his shoulder, but to be able to do that he needed information.

"Bobby, send out more people to look for the butler. Make sure you will fi

ken was of great importance and it was very valuable to the family. And if the butler has the token, I would now be in danger. So if my Grandpa knew these things, he would secretly have sent out people to find the token. He would not allow me to be placed in danger."

Derek was silent and he pondered on Jackson's reason. It was true, Andrew would never allow his beloved grandson to be in any danger.

Jackson was silent, also deep in thought. There was something that confused him. He thought that something wasn't taken into consideration and he might be wrong about this. But he believed that to certain extent, his guess made some sense, so he said, "Derek, if I am not wrong, Grandpa knew where the token was, so he left this note. it was not to tell me that the token was gone, but it was to tell me that he was sorry for not giving it to me in person."

Derek said, "But the major problem is that none of us has seen the token before. We have no idea what it looks like. Maybe the butler hasn't seen it, either. But, why was there a need for him to leave the Chu House? And where is he?"

Jackson looked at and said, "Derek, I'm more worried about one thing."

Derek hesitated but asked, "What?"

Jackson said firmly, "The butler might be planning something bigger against the family."

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