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   Chapter 401 Speculations (Part One)

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The next morning, Cherry and Jackson got up early. Cherry went downstairs and headed for the kitchen to start cooking breakfast. Jackson followed her downstairs but went towards the opposite direction leading to the garden to do his morning exercises.

When Joe woke up, he hurriedly ran down the stairs. He saw his dad entering the house from the yard. Wondering where his father came from, Joe asked, "Daddy, didn't you stay here last night?"

"I was here the whole night, " Jackson answered, confused by his son's question. He stopped his pace and looked at his son, curious as to what led his son to conclude that he stayed out.

Joe then asked, "Then why did you come from outside?"

Jackson replied, "Oh, I did my morning exercise in the garden, just now."

Joe nodded his head and smiled. He now understood what was going on. In his panic he jumped into the wrong conclusion. So he said, "Well that explains everything."

While this was happening, Cherry went out of the kitchen and saw that the two men of the house were exchanging words, she smiled and announced, "Good morning you two, breakfast is ready."

Joe replied, "Okay, Mommy." Then he happily ran towards his Mother to give her a hug.

In the dining room, the three sat at the table and ate their breakfast together. While Joe was eating, he said, "Daddy, Mommy, let's have a family meeting, okay?"

Cherry, surprised by his son's declaration glanced at Jackson. She had no idea what Joe was about to say to them.

Jackson, though surprised by this sudden declaration of meeting by his son, was amused. He slightly smiled and wanted to see what kind of family meeting Joe wanted to have.

So Jackson said, " Why don't you tell us first the agenda of the meeting and we'll see."

Joe held his two chopsticks in his two hands, trying to be formal and serious said "Currently, in our family, Mommy goes to work in my uncle's company and she also drives me to and from school. Daddy, now that you're back home with us, maybe you should help Mommy? That way, mommy can rest early and I get to spend more time with you."

Cherry, amazed but still taken aback by what his son said, called his attention in a gentle but reprimanding tone, "Joe." She was unaware that Joe had been observing the family activities inside the house. He noted how his M

son and changed the subject, "Joe, finish your breakfast and I'll drive you to school, " Cherry said in a firm voice. She did not like where the family meeting discussion went. She suspected that somehow this two boys had agreed how to play a practical joke on her.

Seeing Cherry's mood changed and that she was a little upset, Joe obeyed his Mommy's order. He obediently finished his breakfast in silence.

Jackson knew that Cherry was suddenly placed in a difficult spot. He patted her wife's shoulder to put her at ease and motioned her to have her breakfast. He whispered that she shouldn't take the family meeting too seriously. However, at the back of his mind, he agreed with his son's suggestion. It was about time for them to add a new member in the family. He decided that he needed to find some time to discuss this matter with his wife. Joe was already at an age where he needed another child's company. If they were lucky they might have a girl. This would complete their family, and it would be an even happier family than it was now.

After the breakfast, Cherry took Joe to school and then drove off to her work.

Jackson stood at the gate watching his wife's car disappear into the distance. After seeing Cherry's car vanish, he too drove his car and left the villa.

While he was driving, he phoned Derek.

Derek answered and said, "Hello, Jackson, good morning."

Jackson waving the pleasantry's out of the way immediately asked, "Where are you?"

Derek used to this attitude replied, "In my apartment. What's wrong?"

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