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   Chapter 400 A Mysterious Note (Part Two)

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Updated: 2018-12-22 00:08

"Something happened." Jackson's tone was grave, and he kept his voice low.

Cherry asked worriedly, "What? What happened?"

Jackson didn't reply, instead, he suggested, "Let's go up to our room and talk."

"Okay." Cherry agreed nodding.

Jackson and Cherry went up their room together.

After they got to the bedroom, Jackson quietly closed the door, and Cherry walked to the bed, then turned and wringing her hands hastily asked, "Okay? What on earth is going on? What happened?"

Jackson closed the distance and took Cherry's hands gently in his, leading her over to their bed to sit down.

He reached into his pocket and took a folded piece paper out. He held it a moment before silently handing it to Cherry.

"Take a look at that." Jackson said in a low voice.

"What is it?" asked Cherry curiously. Jackson had a sad look in his eyes, so, instead of asking more questions, Cherry opened the slip of paper. What she saw shocked her.

There, scribbled on the paper were four twisted words, "I am sorry Jackson."

"What...? What...?" Cherry didn't understand what it meant. "Where did you get this?" she questioned.

Jackson looked away saying, "I found it in a gap of Grandpa's bed. I guess Grandpa wrote it, and put it on the bed. It must have fallen into the gap, unnoticed until I found it today."

Cherry felt a switch flick deep inside, and she wondered what the message meant?

"Well... then... Ummm... What do you think it means? Why would Grandpa apologize to you?" Cherry had doubts about the note. She didn't recall Grandpa acting in any unusual manner then, and she hadn't seen or heard of Grandpa doing anything to Jackson that would warrant an apology. He treated Jackson with respect and he had admired his Grandson, and his love was so great and sincere that it would be impossible for him to hurt Jackson. So

scared. I'm worried, about you. I'm afraid something will happen to you. What would Joe and I do?"

Cherry's concerns about Jackson weighed heavily on his heart. He was distressed, at the same time he was happy and worried too. His son and this woman were the single two most important people in his life. He wanted to be near to protect them. But, he had obligations as the next descent of the Chu Family. It was his duty to take over Grandpa's responsibilities.

"Don't worry about me, Babe. I promised you I would protect you and Joe for the rest of my life and I will. Our family will never be apart again." Jackson reassured Cherry as he held her to him tightly against his chest.

"Okay, " Cherry felt better hearing his soothing words, and feeling his strong arms around her.

Jackson looked ahead in a daze, while his heart filled with distress. He had the vague sense that something disturbing and beyond his grasp might happen. He also thought of the script and wondered if Grandpa was indicating or warning him about something. He was completely confused by all the concepts and had no idea what to think.

It suddenly struck him! 'These four words may well have something to do with the token after all, but....'

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