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   Chapter 399 A Mysterious Note (Part One)

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When they got home, Cherry busied herself preparing dinner for her and Joe while he watched cartoons in the living room.

Her cell phone was in her pocket and suddenly rang, when she pulled it out, she saw Jackson was calling.

She quickly swiped to accept his call saying into it, "Hello, Jackson!"

"Where are you, Babe?" asked Jackson hurriedly.

"I'm home, " replied Cherry. She could hear the worry in Jackson's voice and that he seemed rushed, so she added, "Why? What's up?"

"Wait for me there. I'll be home soon." Jackson hung up as soon as he gave her the short message.

Cherry slipped the cell phone back into her pocket, a little confused. 'What just happened?' she wondered. Jackson sounded like he was in a rush.

When dinner was ready, Cherry walked into the living room and found Joe, still happily lounging, while he watched cartoons.

When Joe saw his Mommy, he gave her a huge happy grin and asked, "Is dinner ready yet Mommy?"

"Yes, " said Cherry, as she sat down next to him. Her voice was tender as she told him, "But, we have to wait for Daddy to get here. He will be here soon, and the three of us will have dinner together."

"Will Daddy be home soon?" Joe asked, expectantly looking at his Mommy, there was a tinge of disbelief in his gaze.

Cherry nodded and smiled as she told Joe, "Yes, Daddy just called and told me that he would be here soon."

"Yeah! That's awesome!" Joe shouted excitedly. He was so thrilled about what his mother said, that he gleefully clapped his hands. "Then we all get to eat dinner together!" He could hardly contain himself.

Joe's delightful, happy mood was contagious, and Cherry found herself grinning and giggling, just from seeing his happy smile. She also felt a bit apprehensive, because of how Jackson sounded on the cell phone. She could tell something serious was on his mind. 'I hope everything is okay.' she thought, and in her heart, she prayed.

Ten minutes had slowly ticked by before Cherry an


When Cherry finished in the kitchen, she headed to living room, where she found the two still engrossed in their online game.

She walked over and told her son, "Joe, It's time to go upstairs, now! You shouldn't be up playing games this late!"

"But Mommy, I want to keep playing games a little longer with Daddy." Joe made his eyes wider, trying to look so sad, and hoped his Mommy would give in to him. He knew he should obey his Mommy, but he was having so much fun with Daddy that he wanted to play longer.

Jackson put the game controller down and told his son, "Joe, you need to listen to your Mommy. It's time to go upstairs and get to sleep."

Joe was disappointed that his Daddy took his Mommy's side, but, like a good boy, he agreed, "Okay, I will."

Cherry walked over to Joe. She caressed his head and in a tender voice said, "Go upstairs and study, when you finish don't forget to take a shower."

"Okay Mommy." Joe said in a quiet voice, and lowered his head. Then, as he walked away slowly, he added, "I'm going upstairs now."

After Jackson knew Joe was upstairs, he went over to Cherry, and touched her shoulder, lightly, then turned her to him and pulled her close, holding her in his arms.

Cherry glanced at Jackson asking, "Will you tell me now, why you decided to return so suddenly?"

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