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   Chapter 398 The Teacher Got Beaten Up (Part Two)

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"He has always been my enemy!" Mond said gnashing his teeth as he stared in front of him intensely.

"Then why didn't you reek you revenge back when Jackson was sad and frustrated? Andrew's death was too much for Jackson, and if you had done something, there would be no problem to handle now." probed Stephen. He knew why Mond hesitated to take his revenge on Jackson after Andrew died.

Mond's lips tightened, and he didn't answer.

Stephen went on to say, "Mond, I'm going to confess something to you now."

"Say it!" the look in Mond's eyes darkened as he hissed the two words out.

Stephen tripped over his words at first, "I...I'm giving up on revenge, and my hatred for Jackson."

"You..." Mond's eyes narrowed with rage at Stephen's words. He couldn't begin to think of what to say or how, he was too angry, 'What is wrong with Stephen? How can he give up, now when we are so close?' he deliberated.

Stephen told Mond frankly his reasoning, "I will admit to you, seriously, my reason for wanting to let go of my hatred for Jackson, is Cherry."

Mond was silent and just stared at Stephen.

Stephen resumed explaining, "I have known her for more than five years. I was drawn to her from the first time I saw her, but she never returned my feelings. Now, I just want to be her friend. I realize only one person can make her life happy, and that's Jackson."

Mond's heart wildly pounded against his chest as he listened thoughtfully to each word Stephen said.

Stephen became immersed in his thoughts as he continued, "In fact, after I thought about it, I recognized, there are some things we can't change, no

d at Joe in the rearview, somewhat confused by his performance. He was acting a little different from his usual self.

"Joe, " asked Cherry.

"Yes, Mommy? What's up?" an over-exuberant Joe responded, smiling.

"You are very happy today, what happened?" Cherry smiled as she asked. She was in a good mood when her son was happy and smiling.

"Yeah, something happened that made me happy, " said Joe with a big smile on his face.

"What happened? Can you tell me?" asked Cherry.

Joe chirped, "You know my teacher, Rosa? She was beaten up by someone and had to ask for several months' off."

"Your teacher was beaten up?" Cherry asked in surprise. She remembered Rosa, who used to have a bad attitude towards Cherry at first, but changed her demeanor instantly when she found out Joe was Jackson's son. Cherry knew more or less about her affectionate attitude towards Jackson.

"Yeah, I heard from the other teachers that she was beaten up at a bar, " Joe told her excitedly.

Cherry went quiet, worrying about Rosa. 'How's she doing now? I hope she's okay.' she thought.

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