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   Chapter 397 The Teacher Got Beaten Up (Part One)

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"Sally, you do realize that Jackson won't love you even if Cherry disappeared, right? You are deluding yourself if you believe you are the princess he used to love." said Stephen in a scathing manner.

"Stephen! You..." Sally was too angry at what he said to go on. She pouted, angry and knew deep down that what Stephen said was true. She was no longer the noble princess she had been years ago. Her family was decimated, and what remained had been scattered when she was young. Jackson had been the only person she could rely on, and at that time, she had no choice but to leave the city, and in doing so, leave Jackson as well. When she returned to the city five years ago, she found the man who had once professed to love her completely, loved another. Jackson was Cherry's husband, and he didn't belong to her any longer.

Mond sat quietly half hearing the conversation between Stephen and Sally. He was conflicted about how he should treat Cherry.

Sally suddenly turned to Mond yelling, "Mond, can't you say something? What do we do next?"

Stephen looked at Mond too, wanting to know what he was thinking.

Mond calmly said, "First, let's set aside our personal feelings, and instead, focus on getting the token."

Mond had Stephen's full attention with that, and intrigued, he inquired, "The token? How do we get the token away from Jackson?"

Sally's mind raced, thinking of everything she knew about Jackson and Mond, and a thought occurred to her, "Mond, your purpose for revenge wasn't to simply defeat the Chu Family; you intend on snatching their wealth and power too?"

"Why shouldn't I take them? They should be mine!" replied Mond firmly.

Stephen and Sally didn't know what to say to that. They weren't entitled to voice an opinion about the subject, not that they dare meddle in Mond's affairs, to begin with. They knew those foolish enough to con

Family! He didn't drive you too hard! Why do you continue to blame him even now?"

Mond had a fierce look as he stared unbelievingly at Stephen, "Stephen, you want to pretend to be a good man now, do you? Okay, tell me then; how is it that the An Family was destroyed? Did you forget?"

Stephen retorted instantly, "I haven't forgotten! How could I? I spend every day remembering! But, when I think about it now, I find that what happened, wasn't entirely the Chu Family's fault that year. My parents did something very wrong, so did Sally's parents. Andrew only took the measures he had to, so he could protect the Chu Family. As a result, the An Family and the He Family appeared to suffer a great deal. At least from one point of view. But, what if the Chu Family hadn't protected Sally? What would be the difference? There's only one difference, and that is Sally would not live safely or peacefully now!"

Mond cried out sharply, "Stephen! Don't pretend to be a good man! Jackson and the rest of the Chu Family are our enemies! Don't forget that!"

Stephen clamped his mouth shut at that.

After a long time, when Stephen was sure Mond had calmed down, he said, "I guess, your hatred for Jackson isn't as strong as it used to be, right?"

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