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   Chapter 396 Get Rid Of Her (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5240

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"You stayed at the residential compound with Jackson? Is everything okay?" asked Wilson. He thought Cherry was at the compound because something bad had happened to Jackson.

Cherry said, "Yes. I just wanted to see him, and Selina happened to stop over last night, and offered to stay there so I could go to the compound."

"Wait? Selina stayed at your villa last night?" asked Wilson, feeling somewhat disheartened. Selina shared everything with him usually, but she hadn't told him anything about last night.

When Cherry saw the look of astonishment on his face, she smiled saying, "Yes, and she sent Joe to school this morning. Didn't she tell you?"

"No! I know nothing about it, " replied Wilson with an awkward smile on his face.

"Alright, well, now you know! It's no big deal." Cherry said shrugging as she wrapped her arm in his and went on, "Let's go inside now! Come and show me around your office."

Wilson's smile widened, "Yes! Let's go have a tour! My father and Aunt Elsa will be joining us at noon, and we will have lunch together." He explained as they headed into the H King Group.

Mond was feeling superior, as usual, and reclined comfortably on his sofa in the villa, coldly staring at Stephen who was sitting next to him.

Sally sat opposite the gentlemen, and glanced at Jean sitting next to her side before telling Mond, "Mond, this slut is of no use to us anymore, and I think you should ask her to leave immediately."

Hearing what Sally said, Stephen glanced at Jean expressionlessly, but said nothing.

Jean was terrified

t to the hell on Andrew Chu's heels!"

Sally didn't dare to say any more when she saw how enraged he was. Instead she shot Jean a resentful look, and then turned and looked out the window.

Mond ordered Jean again, "Go! Upstairs! Now!"

Jean knew Mond was furious, so she quietly stood up and raced to the stairs.

When she was gone, Stephen finally opened his mouth and said, "Let's discuss what our next step should be."

"Wipe Cherry and her son out!" suggested Sally. Getting revenge on Cherry had always been part of Sally's plans.

"No!" Stephen promptly rejected Sally's suggestion, "The only person we need to deal with, is Jackson. Everything that happened in the past was his fault, and has nothing to do with anyone else."

"But I need revenge on Cherry! She stole my only hope in this lifeless world when she took the love of my life, and I won't let her get away with it so easily!" Sally shouted seething with fury. Her eyes burned with intense hatred. She thought, 'Cherry! I'll make you pay for it, mark my words!'

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