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   Chapter 395 Get Rid Of Her (Part One)

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Jackson went on saying, "We still have a few obstacles to get rid of, so I can give us the life I want."

"What are they?" Cherry asked out of curiosity.

"Well, I still haven't found the token, and then, " Jackson paused sighing and shaking his head before saying, "there's Mond and Stephen. If they have their way, I will never live a peaceful life."

"Wait? Even though Grandpa has passed away, they'll just keep coming after you?" Cherry was surprised.

"Of course. Their hatred wasn't for Grandpa, it is for the whole Chu Family, and it won't end." replied Jackson, "Anyway, right now, it is more important to find that token, because how things will go next depends on it."

Cherry thought about it, and asked, "Jackson, what does the token look like? Did you look in Grandpa's room for it?"

Jackson shook his head, "I searched everywhere I could think, but I haven't found it. Grandpa told me it bears special lettering, but I never saw it myself, so, I don't actually know what it looks like. In fact, unless my guess is wrong, there are two tokens."

"But where would they be, if not in Grandpa's room?" Cherry wondered aloud. She pondered the question, but couldn't figure it out. She didn't know much about Grandpa, which made it almost impossible for her to work it out.

"I don't know either, but I'll keep searching the house until I find it, " replied Jackson.

He stared at her with a serious look on his face as he added, "Babe, I'm telling you this so you understand Grandpa better. Promise me, that if you run into anything that might be remotely related to this, you will guard yourself against any danger, okay?"

"Okay, I understand, and I will." There was a determined look on Cherry's face as she nodded and promised Jackson, so he knew she took him seriously.

"Aside from you and I, only Derek knows the tokens haven't been found,

ied nodding in agreement.

Cherry couldn't think of anything else she needed to tell her, so she said, "Alright, you can go back to what you were doing. I'm leaving now."

"Okay, have a good day!"

Cherry then left the Chu Family residence. As she drove down the road, she thought about what Jackson had told her last night, reminding herself, 'Since Jackson hasn't found the tokens, we need to keep strangers out. If someone were to find the tokens in the house, it would certainly cause more difficulties. I can't imagine what kind of horrible outcome could happen.'

Eventually, she arrived at her destination, the H King Group. She got out of her car, and saw Wilson right away. He was leaving the lobby area, as she walked up to him smiling.

"Hi, Wilson!" Cherry greeted him cheerfully.

"Cherry! I didn't think you would be here so early, " replied Wilson smiling.

Cherry told him, "It's necessary to get to work on time. Besides, since I was coming from the residential compound, I was closer today."

At that, Wilson asked, "The residential compound? You didn't stay at the villa last night?"

Cherry shook her head, "No, Selina stayed at the villa and babysat Joe for me, so I could spend some time with Jackson at home."

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