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   Chapter 394 Memory Of The Accident (Part Two)

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After that, Sally was sent away in accordance with our Grandpa's order, and our Family also escaped from that critical period, but because of what had happened in that year, all the people from the business, political and even the military circles began to fear our Family and Grandpa Andrew's unorthodox methods. At the same time, our Grandpa was aware and also prepared for all of that. It had costed our Grandpa a pretty penny to bring Eric Li, Jonson Jiang and all of their other subordinates into his control to follow his orders."

Cherry was flabbergasted by Jackson's words. The Chu Family's power was beyond what she had imagined.

"But our Grandpa came up with a set of rules for them, " said Jackson. He told Cherry the most important pieces of information, details that even Derek didn't know about. "There was a token that linked our Grandpa and them. Anyone who had the token could order Eric Li and Jonson Jiang to do anything they wished, as long as their interest was not offended."

Jackson paused for a moment, and then added, "But Eric Li and Jonson Jiang still have the right to revolt against the token's owner if they don't accept him, but only if he doesn't belong to the Chu Family."

"In other words, Eric Li and Jonson Jiang won't revolt against any of the people of our Family who holds the token, but they have the right to revolt against outsiders, " said Cherry with a guess.

"Yes, our Grandpa made that decision after discussing with them. He was afraid that the token would end up in the hands of an outsider, because Eric Li and Jonson Jiang's power is much greater than we could ever imagine. Furthermore, they also had a large sum of money behind them, " explained Jackson.

"They own p

Cherry stared at Jackson at a lost for words.

"During the past years, I just lived in a world without feelings. The absence of love from my parents made me feel pretty lonely, even though Grandpa loved me very much. It wasn't until I met you, " said Jackson, as he stared at Cherry sincerely, "And got married with you, that I began to realize the importance of having a family. It was you who made me know what I actually wanted and what I should cherish in life."

Jackson went on to say, "Now that our Grandpa passed away, I appreciate this even more. I have to go to Eric Li and Jonson Jiang and talk to them with a calm mind. Maybe we'll still remain friends, but they will no longer listen to orders issued by the Chu Family.

I only want to lead a peaceful life with you and our son, and for Derek and Selina to also live peacefully, " said Jackson.

Gazing into Jackson's eyes, Cherry was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't speak another word out. She had never expected that the words which Jackson had kept hidden inside his heart could be like that, and that she had been the central piece of his heart ever since the beginning.

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