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   Chapter 393 Memory Of The Accident (Part One)

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Jackson nodded to her, and replied, "Then go for it if you want to do that, but don't tire yourself out or I'll come to Wilson and talk to him myself."

"I know, don't worry; I'll be careful, " replied Cherry with a bright smile on her face.


"How about you? What do you intend to do next?" asked Cherry.

When he heard her question, Jackson's expression suddenly changed, and his brows knitted together. After he thought for a while, he said, "Baby, I've asked for retirement."

"What?" Cherry was stunned to hear Jackson's words, because he said nothing to her about his wild decision. How could she still keep her calm when such unexpected news fell upon her?

Jackson didn't offer Cherry a detailed explaining, and instead simply said, "Both Derek and I have left the army."

Cherry knew that Jackson didn't want to explain his decision to her, and she also didn't want to force him to do that. She believed that he had to have his own reasons for making the sudden drastic decision.

"Well, " started Cherry to say in a soft voice, and after she quickly thought over the situation in her mind, asked, "How about matters concerning our family?"

Cherry's question made Jackson feel even more distressed. He knew what Cherry was asking about, because there were already too many things for him to take over, now that Andrew had passed away.

"Baby, " called Jackson all of a sudden, with his voice feeble and helpless.

"I'm here, " replied Cherry.

"I'm so confused now, I don't know what to do, " said Jackson.

"Why?" Cherry carefully gazed at Jackson. She want to know what had happened, and how had Jackson come to this. His frown made her feel even more uneasy, because he must have had something in his mind, or otherwise he wouldn't have worn the gloomy expression on his face, and his voice wouldn't have sound

thing in my mind at that time, and that was to protect Sally."

"What happened next?" Cherry was very anxious to learn all the details of his story.

"I was so stubborn, that our Grandpa couldn't talk me out of it, so he eventually complied. He told me to stay at home quietly, and said that he would protect Sally for me. He promised me that he would keep her away from harm's way, " narrated Jackson.

"Grandpa was the one who protected Sally?" asked Cherry.

"Yes, " answered Jackson, "Our Grandpa used all his connections for this. He even asked for help from Eric Li and Jonson Jiang, and because they respected Grandpa very much, they carried out his request."

Cherry became silent, and just quietly listened to Jackson's words.

"Sally was saved, but at a great cost for Grandpa. Stephen's Family had also gotten embroiled in the affair, and these people had almost discovered our Family's involvement with the deed, " said Jackson. While he was talking, the events of that fateful years gradually started to flash in his mind, and he continued to narrate to Cherry, "Grandpa made a great sacrifice to save the Chu Family. He had tried all means, using a lot of money and connections to protect the Family and me.

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