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   Chapter 389 His Innermost Thoughts And Feelings (Part One)

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Cherry had never expected that there would be such wonderful news in store for her. She had quit her job for some time already, and she had been also busy recently with her family affairs. She had had no time and energy to be concerned about Wilson's company, and Wilson hadn't told her anything about it either. The news that she got from her brother made her feel more excited than surprised.

Cherry glanced at Jacob, who clearly indicated that he supported her working in Wilson's company. She then looked at her mother, and Elsa also nodded to her with a big smile on her face, encouraging her to take the newly revealed opportunity.

In the end, Cherry turned to Wilson, whose eyes were gleaming filled with expectation.

She then nodded, and seriously said to him, "Well, you could say I'm in. Wilson, let's work hard together and run the H King Group well."

"Great!" said Wilson excitedly, because that was the exact answer that he had expected from Cherry. He then immediately continued to say, "I'll appoint you as the General Manager of the company."

Cherry was surprised when she heard him, and replied, "That's crazy! I don't even think the other colleagues will accept that."

"If they know that you're the former sales director of the JS Group, do you think they will still mind it?" asked Wilson.

Cherry pondered for a while, and realized that Wilson was indeed right. Everyone knew the leading role that the JS Group played in the city, and thus her former position in the JS Group was a quite convincing evidence of her capability.

"Well, we have a deal then! Cherry, I believe that you will perform exceptionally well as the General Manager of the H King Group, " said Jacob kindly.

When Cherry saw that both Wilson and Jacob had their confidence set in her, she made up her mind to accept the position.

The living room was then filled with joyful laughters.

After lunch, Cherry and Wilson went on the balcony and chatted with each other.

"Cherry, you and Jackson…" said Wilson, but he didn't finish his words. He just gazed at Cherry's face, worried abo

rised, because he hadn't expected Cherry to ask him this sort of question. He avoided looking back at her and instead looked calmly at the scenery in front of him.

"Cherry, do you want to listen to some of the true ideas in my mind?" asked Wilson.

"Of course that I want to know what you're really thinking about, " said Cherry. She really wanted to know how the two were getting on with each other. One of them was he brother, who was her reliable support, and the other one was her best friend, whom she had regarded as her younger sister. Both of them were very important people to her.

"Selina is a very nice and innocent girl, and although she looks very delicate and beautiful outside, inside she's also strong and competitive. I really enjoy the time I spend together with her, no matter whether we chat about casual things or discuss about business. She is such a charming girl that I'm deeply attracted by her, and what's more, because of her I started to learn to look at the bright side of the things, " said Wilson. He paused for a moment, and then continued to say, "Selina and you have a lot in common in characteristics; both of you are very stubborn and are likely to throw a tantrum from time to time, but when it comes to something important, you can also be very serious. Both of you care about the people around you very much. She's done so many things for me already."

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